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Something i like and something i don't.

So i can't remember being noob tubed more than maybe 5-10 times since this game has been out. SWEEET!


When i have it's been by an undermount. I think IW got this right. You don't unlock the RPG till the last level which i think is a stroke of genius!! So if you're gonna prestige, which most of us will you're not gonna really get to use it. I can honestly say also that most games i play are full of gun on gun battles and not much else. Thumbs up!



On the other hand, why can't i climb on ANYTHING!! Ok so there's less camping in plant pots and on tables and barrels etc but i think it makes the levels a tad boring. There are strict routes for gameplay making games predictable. Black ops was great for giving you multiple routes of getting to the same place where as the the levels on this only give you 2 or 3.  I think i'm just finding gameplay a bit boring already which doesn't bode well for it's shelf life.


Bring back interactive levels!!! Doors, lifts, explodable walkways and the like!! This was a great fun and tactical addition