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i gotta say after playing for however long this game has been out ive come to realize how bad this game is. and this is leaving out connection issues for the most part.

i really thought black ops was a terrible game but that was mostly because of the connection. but comp[aring the 2 games. hands down black ops wins.


1.the biggest issues in mw3 are seeing enemies. everyone is so blended in. its really hard to see anyone in hear. which leads to numbers 2 and 3


2. CAMPING.  it so hard to see enimies that campers have such an easy time in this game. laying in the grass in a corner behind a crate. i swaer there have been times where i either flashed some one or seen the on the radar and i go and basically stand right on topof them or in front of them and cant even see them.


3. MIRACLE SHOOTING. somehow all u can see is the helmet of the enemy yet they have a clear sight of u and almost impossible to shoot them let alone see them.


4 FLASH AND STUNS. these are so bad i have literally thrown them 25 feet away and stunned myself for like 5 secs. or throw it next to an enemy only to see them recover and shoot me in like a half sec. balstshield pro is supposed to be a counter to it but that doesnt work i still get flashed and stunned all the time with it. ( black ops perfect with this)


5 GERNADES AND ROCKET LAUNCHERS. i cant tell u how many times i flash someone in a room and throw a gernade and get a hit marker. or shoot a rocket launcher in a room and get a hit marker. they really need to stop helping campers. black ops had miracle nades that somehow always rolled or landed next to u. but these nades are so weak.


6 SNIPING. i never knew how it made sense to have a sniper run around the map as if he had a sub machine gun or ar.boggles my mind. could go on but no point to.


7 ASSASIN. the dumba$$es who thought that after everyone complaing about how powerful ghost was some how decided to make it more powerful. immune to everything. EVEN COUNTER UAV AND ADVANCED UAV. WOW. how does that even make sense. these devs have got to be the dumbest people making a game. i use it. anyone who doesnt is an idiot. y wouldnt i use it. all i hear in every game is uav up. cant even counter it anymore like i used to in black ops. i used to have 4 to 5 counters and everytime i hear enemy uav i put mine up.


8. somehow if i get 3 pred missles and save them once i use one they all go away 




this game is retarded black ops had issues but mostly related to connection. way better than this crap MW3 = FOR 10 YEAR OLDS AND NEWBS.     

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    I agree, Black Ops is a better game...FOR SURE!

    I'm still going to stick to MW3 because it's the latest, but I should hit max prestige around May and then I'll hit jump back on Black Ops full-time until Black Ops 2.

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    Black ops has already been through many patches so it's hard to compare, but yes, I think it's better.


    People are just sheep and will always say the newest cod is the best. 


    Next November 2012 it will be "mw3 is so gay!  Black ops 2 is the best!"


    November 2013 " blacks ops 2 suxx!  Mw4 is the best cod ever nothin will beat it!!"

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    I think overall the games are pretty equal, but with MW3 so early in its life cycle I think its kind of hard to compare the two at this point.


    Black Ops was a more tactical game. Guns weren't as strong, but explosives and killstreaks were way stronger. Maps were much bigger, spawns were way more spread out and overall the game took a lot more strategy.


    MW3 is game that tries to force gun on gun action. Stuns, grenades and even killstreaks are not anywhere near what they used to be. The AC130 is about half as strong as what it was in MW2, the Reaper would be great if it didn't warn the enemy it was about to kill them and the Osprey Gunner is solid but the MW2 Chopper Gunner was way better. This games maps are small, spawns are hectic and this game attempts to force gun on gun action.


    I guess it really depends on your preference in playstyle.


    I am personally finding MW3 more exciting due to the simple fact that with spawns being so bad there is always constant action. In Black Ops it was very easy to pick up choke points that if you passed them it would cause the spawns to flip, but in MW3 it seems like the spawns flip for no good reason. People spawn at A behind you even though your whole team is sitting between A and B and they own C flag. Things seem so hectic and crazy in this game that I just find it far more entertaining at this point.

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    That's what I like about BO.  Its learn the maps and spawns or die.


    In mw3 you really need very little knowledge of the map.


    I prefer the game that has more a mental aspect rather than random spastic killing.


    Mw3 takes away the whole picking the best route to get somewhere, because in mw3 no matter where you go someone will spawn behind you or beside you.

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    There is definitley some tactical aspect to MW3, but it is far less than the tactical apect of Black Ops, I won't disagree there.


    I disagree about picking the best route though. In MW3 there is always 3+ ways to get to the same spot, and a single person can only defend so many of them. So I guess its less about knowing the routes and being lucky and picking the right one, but the more routes you know the more likely your gonna be that ******* that flanked someone.

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    the maps in this  game suck something firece, they needed to cut back on the lmg's and add more submachine guns like give us the ak74u and another smg. kill confirmed is great thats the only thing thats great about this game, overall this game is just ok and even if they fix everything the game will just be ok because the maps ******* suck

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    I don't know how you think this game caters to campers. The second I stop moving an enemy spawns next to me and kills me. And to the guy who wants more SMGs, what's wrong with the ones in the game already. From what I've seen they're pretty badass. They have high rates of fire and very little recoil

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    Let see how long Activision and infinity ward would respond to the failure of mw3. oh wait their their stock prices on wall street must be a piece of crap.

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    Ya BO was amazing (granted it had some issues, but I personally never experienced any of the bigger concerns).  MW3 is a casual catering, mediocre game.


    I prefer a skill based game.  Not to say MW3 has zero skill requirements, but its lower than potentially every other game in the series (besides maybe MW2, which suffered similar, but different problems).


    Its funny that MW3 is the most "action packed" game, yet its probably the most boring.  The lack of reward from all the engagements (getting kills from random spraying or spawning behind people gives zero reward).  Not to mention increased frustration from the retarded deaths you take just make it not enjoyable.


    Just because you see people more often or shoot more often doesn't equal more fun.

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