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    im the original poster and i cant believe i left out the spawns in here. i dont even need to get into that. this is by far more action packed yet like some of you said it is boring and its only been out a month.

         they say they are adressing the spawns. i just DONT GET IT. how do u adress spawns. i think that when you start making this game spawns should be one of the main points adressed in the game. it should never need to be patched. stop focusing on stupid **** like death streaks and more time on the main point of the game.


    some maps are good some are bad but thats how its always gonna be.


         a couple of days ago i pulled out BO for the first time since mw3. i played s&d and went 11-1. that was the only match i pllayed then went back to mw3 where my k/d is trash like everyone else in this game due to retarded devs.


    just blows my mind how bad they are at making games sometimes. its like they release a game and say hey we will just give them patches that they think will do something so they feel that we are listening to them

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    if you compare MW3 to black ops at this time last year, BO was much more shittier than MW3 is now. The respawn system was 10 times worse, it was impossible by this time last year to stay or hook up in parties. MW3 is off to a better start than BO was last year around this time. I still like the fact that killstreak reward kills still count in progression to your next killstreak. Sniper rifles were utterly useless and none of the maps were sniper friendly. If you want to compare the games compare them to the condition they were 45 days after launch and you will see MW3 is much better.

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    They need to let you stack your killstreaks like in previous CODs...So many times ill get on a high kill streak and since mine our set to care package pred and attack chopper i wont use them if im on a roll with my gun and ill get them again but lose the 1st 3 i got.  Let me stack my killstreaks again thts all i ask for.

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    Funny because i always find the "sheep" to be saying the previous one is better than the latest, it happens every single year, whilst black ops was out... the forums were filled with "black ops sucks, mw2 beats it" blah blah blah... same crap every year.


    Next year it'll be "black ops 2 is crap, mw3 is better"...

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    I was speaking from personal experience based on what my friends say.

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    Mw3 is **** i will never buy any call of duty ever again! cuz the game developers have gotten big headed and lost there way in gaming!

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    Black Ops was a joke when it first came out much like this. Give it time it can be good with some tweaks. Better than campfest, spawn killing Battlefield.

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    Black ops is better. However, MW3 is starting to grow on me a bit

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    Carefull, don't want to start a game war .. You might get reported or something ..

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    Black Ops is better. However, MW3 is starting to grow on me a bit

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