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    Black Ops is better.

    Treyarch at least trys to supposrt their games.

    Infinity Ward doesn't give a ##<3##

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    My favourite 2 CoD titles are Waw & Black Ops - and they were made by...Treyarch.


    Now if only they could fix their connection issues and get some better map designers...

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    I love you lol. I've actually found someone else who agrees and uses the same examples I do on why Treyarch and Black Ops are far better than Infinity Ward and Modern Wafare 3.

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    If I have to chose I pick BO.

    If I don't have to I pick CoD 3 over any other CoD.

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    I would say BO is def a better game than MW3. I play a lot of capture the flag and on MW3 its just HORRIBLE. The only thing I like about MW3 is survival mode and kill confirmed. Team defender would be awesome if it was played on BO instead of MW3

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    Treyarch make the best maps...........

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    Cod3 was the best, Imagine a 12 vs 12 Black ops with dedicated servers and big maps?

    Total Winning.

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    Total winning for me would be putting tanks on Dome.

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    At the time I thought the maps in Black Ops were bad, but then I saw the MW3 effort...


    Too small, too cramped, no cover, no height = utter crap.

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    DLSV2 wrote:


    anuebis216 wrote:



    1. Treyarch actually listened to fans and made changes throughout the release of BLOPS to make it a better game.  IW is arrogant and basically ignores fans.  Treyarch changed it in a patch so that if you put someone in last stand, you got the kill regardless if you finished them off or not.  So far IW has nerfed some guns to still basically be just as powerful, good job.

    ROFL. After 13+ updates the game still plays like a slide show.

    And MW3 doesn't?

    2. The majority of players hated Dropshotting and QuickScoping, BLOPS removed the majority of those cheese tactics to my satisfaction.   IW said screw that and brought them back in full force.

    Since when is going prone cheese? If you want 100% cheese go play MvC 2 with Ironman, Magneto and Pyslocke. THAT'S CHEESE.


    Your going to compare a fighter with a FPS? Apples and oranges.

    2. The balance in the game was I don't know…  actually balanced.  Compare the most OP gun in BLOPS to any of the OP guns in MW3, you could deal with OP guns in BLOPS because they weren't that much more powerful than the average gun.  The Stryker in MW3 is singlehandedly ruining the online experience.

    Black ops guns= copy pasta MW3 guns= UNIQUE

    Copy Pasta? Hmm, you were probably one of those people who only used 1-3 guns throughout the game then. MW3 guns are all copy pasta because of how quickly they all kill people. You only need to be on target for a split second with most of them... 

    3. Glitches, glitches, glitches.  BLOPS did this awesome server side patching that resulted in limited Title Updates, which can be chores.  Additionally, they patched things so quickly that outside of the golden gun glitch, which did not effect gameplay, I cannot think of one glitch that has negatively impacted me in BLOPS.  In MW3, so far, I have been killed by people getting through the map on various stages.

    Under the map glitch on Hazzard.

    Have not run into this once.


    10.  Losing a slot for claymore or what not was painful.  Having claymores and other similar items led to different and imo better tactics.

    And more campers.

    More than MW3? I think not. Ever see one room that has a player with a motion sensor and another with a trophy sitting in another corner? I have.


    12.  Suppressors seem so nerfed that they are almost unusable in that I have to hit someone several times more in order to kill them then the standard gun.

    Maybe that's the trade-off?

    How is this statement even relevant to your point? He's saying that trade-off was a GOOD thing, which I agree with. They were usable but you definitely needed to get closer with them. Encouraging stealth players to not camp in some distant bush and pick people off across the map.



    In all fairness however, I am a Treyarch fanboy. It wasn't confirmed until this joke of a game came out. Say what you will about the game overall, but Blops was put together better than MW2 & MW3 imo which were released as betas at best. Issues were way fewer and more quickly fixed. The closest thing that game had to a glitch was with CP's and hardline which was fixed within the very first month of the game if I remember right.