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Boosting in Mw3

Last night when I played suddenly I notice my teammate named GT Removed always gets killed by a guy named GT Removed by a throwing knife. Heres a picture of them that I took in the theather mode.


Link Removed


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    Naming and Shaming

    - An improper method of reporting.


    "Name n' Shame" threads are locked and purged of all offender names. Actions committed by individual users are irrelevant to general forum discussion. A report function exists in service and all review is maintained by the Online Security Team. Please use that tool to report all those who commit actions against us which are not in the nature of the game.


    This purging is done in efforts to ensure the security and well being of all parties involved, represented or not.


    Despite the fact of whether or not the accused did commit these actions, posting their online handle could result in harassment. This type of harassment is generally against the agreed policy or terms of the services in which Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is provided. Therefore it is removed. If you are adamant about having the individual(s) researched then please contact Robert "Fourzerotwo" Bowling or Twitter. Available information is provided below:


    Fourzerotwo's Twitter: @Fourzerotwo

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    Who the hell boosts in public games like that?  Some of these boosters are getting really stupid.  Don't they realize that they can't just hide like in mw2?

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    I harassed a booster now praise me.

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    We appreciate your efforts in singling out these alleged boosters however, we ask that you use the in game reporting system to report cheaters. Those reports are taken seriously and reviewed by a dedicated team.




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