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Aspects of the game that need immediate addressing.

I have been a Call of duty player ever since number 2, I have seen COD grow up to what it is today but I just don't understand why you improve certains parts of the game then all of a sudden, remove it or change it again in a new Call of duty. I'll explain what I'm trying to get at.

1. Theater - It needs re-considering, it's nothing like BlackOps's Theater. Why did you change it and remove the scoreboard feature? It's really difficult to attain images for clan matches due to this. Also you can't even go into 1st person on a player on their team unless your dead aswell.

2. Private match - Would it be possible for you to add an option on private match that can be enabled which allows the host to stop people party chatting in a clan match, like it is on-line, the message that kicks you if you don't go in game chat on Search & Destroy.

3. Flags/Bomb markers - Why don't these disappear when scoped upon? They have caused me numerous deaths because they are in the way of my vision.

4. Team-killing - This was removed completely in Modern warfare 2 & BO but now it's back and it's stressful, leaving it on reflect was the way forward.


This is pretty much the only problems I really see with Mw3, apart the above, excellent job, the game is amazing.

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    Don't commend them (IW) on what they've done right, otherwise they'll overlook what is wrong. They need to SEE and UNDERSTAND what is wrong.


    I agree completely with everything you've said; I refuse to play HC because of team killing. As for Theater, they REALLY need to take a page from Treyarch and swallow their pride. I use Theater not only for recording epic ****, but to catch people cheating and attempting to boost. That functionality is gone thanks to IW dumbing down theater as much as they did. I'd love to see the Dolly Cam make a comeback as well; it was excelent for setting up those dramatic sticks, and clutch Tomahawk throws.