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Riot Shield Improvements

This is just some ideas I have come up with to improve the riot shield. As a fellow of the riot shield I enjoy using it. I consider it a puzzle to use as you got to figure out how to kill the person with the shield.


- I believe you should be able to denote C4 behind the shield without putting it away. It only makes sense.

- Sentex should NOT be a instant kill when stuck in front of the shield. I am not saying anything on the side or back but the front? Come on. You will be able to survive the blast with a shield in front of you. It needs to be a hit marker only.

- The wrap around knife kill and kill above the head needs to go away. The wrap around should be blocked and the above the head needs to be a miss ALL THE TIME.

- Strafing. The riot shield is the only weapon in call of duty that will turn the body of the player. THE ONLY ONE. I should be able to go side to side with the target in front of me knowing I will not be exposed like that.

- When I melee the target, he should not be able to run behind me to get to my back instantly. The melee should put a split second freeze on the target when it is struck. Sorta like a shockwave effect. Giving me a chance to back up or something of the sort. I am already at a disadvantage of having to melee him twice. And you can't do a instant 180 with the shield to block his knife attack.

- Body Armor for the player when the riot shield is used. Something that will add one or two hit markers to bullet damage. And yes the body armor needs to go away when the player switches to his other weapon (can't say secondary only). Don't need people using overkill perk for that body armor.

- FIX the bullet reactions to the shield. I can't tell you how many times i been kill with the bullets going through the shield. And how I got headshot with me not moving and the dude is in front of me just shotting.

- Riot Shield should not disapper when equipment is in use. You can fix this by putting the riot shield in the left arm and it will just move to the hips when the equipment is in use. Honestly it should disapper when the claymore is used since it does require two hands to plant.

- Customization. Being able to put camo or an emblem in front should be an option. Once again its the ONLY main weapon you can't do this to.


I not going to say anything like you should use a pistol or that the shield should be able to sorta "heal" itself when the bullets damage the vision part of the shield. But to me these ideas just make sense. I am not trying to make it the riot shield OP but I would like to have a fair chance to kill the enemy. Lately I feel like the riot shield speed has decrease also. I am running as fast a juggernaut. Once again doesn't make sense to me since the juggernaut has full body armor on and I don't. Just some ideas I wanted to express out there. Since most people just thinks its a useless weapon in the CoD series. Making me feel like that when a problem occurs with the riot shield it just takes so much longer to get fixed since there isn't many people demanding it to be fix compare to other weapons.