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So here's my EPIC journey to GET WHAT I PAID FOR from Craptivision.  My elite subscription.


IN the beginning, elite obviously had problems with the extreme user volume and sure problems were bound to occur.  I tried my elite code on release night and got an error message saying this code is no longer valid.  Ok weird. So I read arround the support pages and discovered I needed to do a few things according to Craptivision.  I needed to go ahead and install the console version of elite, make an elite account on the website and link my PSN to it, and wait for the website to claim elite status to be operational. So I did all this.  Two weeks passed before elite was considered "operational". I tried again.  FAIL.  So back to support.  Apparently GameStop has stated that preordered codes may have been corrupted due to a transmission error and you can request a new one on the site.  Aha! The fix I've been waiting for!  ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT CODE DOESN'T ******* WORK EITHER.  Ok enough reading around support messages I need actual help...time to employ Craptivisions F- support ticket system.  So I write up a very detailed explanation of what's been happening with my elite code including all the steps I've taken based on their published advice (unlike most dumbasses I READ before I ask for help).  My first response back told me to request a new code from GameStop...EVEN THOUGH I JUST TOLD YOU I ALREADY DID THAT AND IT DIDN'T WORK EITHER.  Had they actually READ what I wrote they would have known. NThen they ask for pictures and I send them.  Then is SERIOUSLY BROKEN ENGLISH I'm told my case will be given to a manager...AND NOW IT HAS BEEN 10 DAYS WITHOUT A SINGLE RESPONSE.  Is this how you treat your customers Craptivision? I'm out $55 for nothing? My now 2 WEEK OLD SUPPORT TICKET is awaiting your response.  PATIENC HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN WORN OUT!!!!!!!!