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Quick Scoping Practice!

Hello, my name is KoS Rakati, and i play on Xbox 360. I am a pretty skilled sniper. You can youtube a few of my videos, the quality of them isn't that great since they're uploaded straight from theater mode. But back to the topic of this thread. I prefer to snipe over using any other weapons in mw3. It just seems to me that the other guns aren't as powerful and accurate as they used to be in the previous call of duty games. I like how they made Quick Scoping and "Popshotting", "Drag shotting" better in mw3. But for some reason about 20% of my shots do not register. I can sneak up behind someone and shoot them in the back. And it won't even give me a hit marker.. WTF. But i miss getting a group of friends together in a private match and messing around and practicing quick scopes and sniper stuff. I'm not a fan of 360 shots and all that, but if that's what you like then go for it. I'm pretty much looking for people who like to snipe. or want to get better at sniping/quickscoping. I play during the day, and during the night, i have like 34 hours played. First prestige level 48, with a 2.04 kd. I do NOT have a mic at the moment, but i still have my ways to communicate with you. So if you just like having fun and practicing sniping then this is the right thread for YOU! Add me on xbl and we'll play together in public matches, practice sniping, and just mess around and have fun. I am currently in a level 17 clan, that i enjoy playing with very much, so please don't comment asking me to join your clan. I'm 17 years old, so i don't want any 9 year old kids that will get mad at me for beating them. I do not claim to be pro, or the best. So don't comment on this if you're a sore loser. I'm just looking for people who like to have fun and snipe! Thanks, have a great day!


Comment if you want, it is much appreciated.

I'm sorry if i didn't use correct grammar and punctuation, for all of you wanna-be language teachers. -_-