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(-)(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())( ())(())(-)     Let us display how many emblems and titles we have!      (-)(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(())(()) (())(())(-)

Hey this isn't a great big idea that's game changing or anything, but wouldn't it be cool if next to our tittles and emblems it would show how many we had in total? This would enhance the game because it would make you want to go for challenges which you wouldn't usually go for in order to show off how many tittles and emblems you have? For every 50 or so tittles or emblems you get, the color in which the amount that you have would be changed.


OR.... instead of displaying how many tittles/emblems you have what about just making special tittles or emblems that are unlocked after you achieve a certain number of them.


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