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[PC] |HSO| Clan is recruiting - MW3

Hello everyone,


Heavily Simplified Ops is looking for players who are in for some owning!


Our clan is in for a game of Bolt action sniping only & all weapons action in public lobby's


We have teamspeak to communicate and bringing teamwork to a whole new level!


We don't play MW3 all the time, we also play other games

Having fun is the most important thing in our clan.



Be active on Teamspeak, the forum and gameservers.

Do not *EVER* use: Noobtube, Akimbo FMG9.

No foul language,  respect each and everyone

Do not camp, whine, hardscope all the time




For more information and applying please visit our website @ www.hso-clan.com


With kind regards,

|Heavily Simplified Ops|