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  • 30. Re: 1.07 is out

    way, way worse for me cant get over yellow bars,almost  always had full bars .

    get round the corner run a few yards and die . seems i never run round the corner decided to stand there and just look about untill he killed me. same old same for me yellow bars green bars.

    why did we move away from the cod4 mw2  system for connection.

    and most if not all on my friends list says the same.

  • 31. Re: 1.07 is out

    just got done playing some games


    doesent seem any better for me still bad lag


    put a full mag in to sum1 get hitmaker guy turns looks at me 2 bullets am dead


    run through a door next thing am bouncing back out of it


    game seems to be getting worse for me with these patches

  • 32. Re: 1.07 is out

    I have been hosting on blops all day long, if it's anything like that I'm an extremely happy man.


    Why can't they just make it like it is in mw2 and Black ops (at least for me). How hard can it be. Seriously, they can't make people with open ports & good nets suffer for f-uck all constantly.

  • 33. Re: 1.07 is out

    You hosting?

  • 34. Re: 1.07 is out

    na i wasent host quit the game after i couldent take no more


    it just quit no host migration

  • 35. Re: 1.07 is out

    MAke sure you are not connected with people from around the world. When I try to join matches I backout until I can get a game <50 ms.  I will go higher if I truly cannot find any.


    As well, there is no telling what peple are doing on the client side.

  • 36. Re: 1.07 is out

    hosted an hour of demolition after dwnloading the 1.07 patch.Sweet Justice for the whole month of host lag.its a more even firefight.Yellow bar laggers constantly leave now must be cos they can't  get the host lag advantage anymore.Bout time..And i feel the laggers are gonna feel the full brunt tomolo wen everyones downloaded the patch.So far so good.To all the guys who host games  and had to bear the unfairness of host lag now the time to get sum payback.To all the laggers paybacks a bit**h.

  • 37. Re: 1.07 is out


    http://callofduty-8-modernwarfare-3.com/modern-warfare-3-patch-1-07-to-fix-lag-c ompensation-for-better-connections/

    Ps3 to get a console specific patch is Jan? Does this mean 1.07 does little for us?

  • 38. Re: 1.07 is out

    I can't wait to try this out. My brother and I both pay for comcasts highest cable connection and over the last few days it has been unbearable! I pay $65/mo for Internet and I expect to be able to play this game with little to no hiccups! Thank u IW if this is true! Can't wait to get off work! Now all the cheap people who were kicking my ass b/c they were benefitting from LAG compensation can just QUIT!

  • 39. Re: 1.07 is out

    That patch scheduled for Jan. is only for cleaning up the chat. The patch for lag is out now (1.07).

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