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About the hackers and Infinity Ward


I believe everyone knows that the multiplayer of MW3 PC is already filled with tones of hackers.

Almost every day, I encounter dozens of hackers.

They use aimbot, shoot through wall, and especially use NUKE.

There scores are easily 70-1.


As a player with a fairness mind,

I was believing that Infinity Ward would do something if I report hackers.

Therefore, I got into their profile and reported them many times.

However, it seems they don't get any punishment or something even after weeks.




So, I'm wondering.




Some hackers proudly upload their screentshots of there score 76-0 at their profile.

Some hackers say "Get a sceenshot and report me. Infinity ward already got our money, so don't care lol."


How dare do they say something like that?

That really support the fact that IW does nothing to hackers

and hackers know that they will not be banned no matter how many times that they are reported.




Seriously, Infinity Ward.

You should do something to hackers and listen fans voice.


This might be the last COD that I bought.

When I heard the two cheif developers left IW, I was considering not to buy MW3.

However, I didn't lose the faith on MW3 and bought it.


And guess what?

I'm dissapointed and regretting so badly because of hackers.

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    I have to say I am very disappointed as well. Me and my clan members constantly try to use that "report player" feature that is in the game whenever we see a hacker. But it appears to us that NOTHING ever happens to these people.


    I think they all must go to some email account that nobody ever looks at. As you pointed out a hacker saying "They already have there money". I feel the same, they seem to not bother with policing the online side of the game. Its really a shame to. More and more of my clan members are going to BF3 because of the hackers running rampent in this game.


    At least back in good ol COD4 days we had the ability to read the server log files and could run admin programs like Big Brother Bot to deal with issues on are own servers. Or better yet, partner with sites like ppbans and globally ban hackers from every server streaming to them.


    All I want for x-mas is the COD4 game updated graphically, please.

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      Indeed, wcski.

      I have both BF3 and MW3 and now wondering why did I spent $60 on MW3. Infinity Ward never listen our report and don't care about fair players.


      I hope Infinity Ward don't make any more COD series

      if they never care about players with good heart and don't do anything on hackers.

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        Sledgehammer Games, not Infinity Ward. IW has been working for EA Games (under the name Respawn Entertainment) since after MW2. Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch will be making the CoD games from now on (unless Treyarch escapes also).


        Treyarch, please get some big maps, more players (make it actually feel like war), and also, take a look back at CoD3 MP for some ideas. Bring back War mode. Although I won't buy it because you guys will probably lie about dedicated servers again, do it for the rest of the fans here.

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    One reason there can't be anything done is because there are too many people just whining. I get reported often as far as I'm told and yet I've never cheated or exploited. I routinely score 3:1 ratios and whatnot. In the days of dedicated servers I was often banned from my favorites for killing admins too much. I hate legitimate hackers as well but they're super obvious and easily avoided by switching lobbies. I come across maybe one or two every 15 hours I play and then I switch lobbies and it's no biggy.


    If you are concerned enough about hackers as you seem to be you should only ever report those that you are absolutely positve are hacking. For example: more than 7 or 8 headshots in a row or spectated wallhacking.


    I can't blame those who end matches with scores like 4-12 for trying to save face however, you have to be careful to not hurt Valves actual efforts in catching hackers with your own insecure moaning.


    I think I put that as respectfully as possible.