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Robert Bowling/IW Idiocy -  the confusion with Dashboarding

The premise - There are plenty of posts going around about Dashboarding, but it seems like most people aren't getting it and there is still massive amounts of confusion out there.One, let's start with the process. The process starts with someone wanting to quit, and the ends up affecting many other people. Let's start at the beginning.




1. Step One - Quitting Games:  Quitting makes you a douchebag and there are very few legit reasons to do it. But I will admit there are probably some, like for example in MW2, getting stuck in an typical IW glitched game, with people cheating. But this is now, that was then, and right now, MW3 is mostly all clean. There really aren't any legitimate reasons to quit. But for this post, let's look at the two most common ways.


- The Exit Button - That's using the 'Leave Game' tab in the Options section of the in-game menu. So if you die, instead of changing your class, scroll down....and simply click on the 'Leave Game' tab and you are out. If you must quit, be a quitter, this is the honorable way of  doing so, that least affects others (more on how it affects other later)


- The Dashboard - This is the douchebag way of quitting. This is using the XBL component of the XBox and backing out through the game. In essence, what you are doing is 'pulling the plug' on the game for everyone (more on why this is wrong later)




2. Step Two - How the two methods affect the "quitter": If a person quits, there is a lot of confusion with how HE is affected. Let's examine next, just what happens to only one person, the 'Quitter'.


- The Exit Button - The quitter, when using this 'exit button' as one is supposed to do, will get a loss. His KD and other stats, up to the point of his quitting, will also stay in the system. This is how it works in MW3 and in all prior CoD games. Pretty simple and easy to understand. If you must quit, let's say for lag reasons, this is the correct way to do so.


- The Dashboard - The quitter, when using the Dashboard, does not get 1) a loss and 2) none of his points, kills, deaths and other stats count. In essence, because the plug was pulled by him, the game he was in ceases to exist. It never happened. It goes without saying,  THIS IS CHEATING.  A person who has a bad game, goes negative lets say, simply can make that game disappear. And the reality is, that's why the KD stat is pretty much meaningless in CoD games. Most guys with high KDs (2.50, 3.10, etc...), they simply Dash their bad games. You see a guy type in his KD is 2.45, he probably dashes. Don't believe the lies he puts up on the board.


So what's the confusion here? IW games and Treyarch handled this differently, how it affects the Quitter. MW1, MW2, MW3 have been consistent with how their game engine treats a quitter using the Dash. Nothing counts. Basically, IW feels it's good to give this person a free pass. Is this the same for Treyarch games? No. In BlackOps, if someone used the dash, he would get a Loss. He could still cheat his KD stats, but his WL would be affected. So Treyarch and IW handled this slightly differently. Treyarch's system was at least somewhat better, in that it allowed you to spot dashboarding KD douchebags easier. If you saw a guy with a high KD of say 2.76, and WL record of say 0.67, you could be 100% certain he boosted his KD with dashing. Why? Think it through. He could eliminate his bad games with the Dash, but the 'Loss' still stuck on his record.


The confusion, Pt 2. - What confuses many people is  how 'win-streaks' are handled. When a person dashes in MW3, he is able to continue his win streak. Makes sense, as the game he quit ceased to exist. That said, it wasn't the same with Black Ops. BlackOps put a fix into the game, halfway through, that corrected this, and ended the quitters win-streak. Lo and behold, suddenly, you no longer saw people rolling up 350 win streaks anymore in BlackOps. The cheaters got busted. As of today, I'm not sure if IW has put a Treyarch type fix into MW3.





3. Step Three - How the two methods affect the rest of the lobby (the other 11 players) - This is the most important part. How the quitters actions affect OTHER players. Here's the deal. Every time you enter a console version game of CoD, enter a 12 person lobby to play a game....the CoD game engine will pick one of the twelve players to be 'host' (let's set aside 18 person ground war for a sec). This is 'host' is the person the game engine is running itself through. So when a person quits, there is one immediate action that needs to be determined, and that is IF this quitter is the host.


- The Exit Button - When the quitter quits via the 'leave game', in-game option, he is out of the game as we know.  If he was host (1 in 12 chance)  the game won't end though.  You'll get wind of his quitting, as you will see that 'host migration'  icon pop up on the screen. If it comes up, you know someone quit via the 'Leave Game' function and that quitter was host. The game engine will now pick one of the other 11 people to host the game. This usually takes about 5 to 10 seconds, and at least with MW3, this process seems to work 95% of the time. A new host is picked, and the game continues. The quitters actions don't affect things 'to much'


- The Dashboard - If the quitter was host and dashboards, the game ENDS as we know. There is no host migration. How does it affect others? The other 11 players, their game ends. They get a big old 'LOSS' on their WL records. Their KD and other stats still count. You can now see the second effect their cheating has. Not only do they cheat by dashing, they also have the secondary efffect of screwing over other people, sticking people who were about to get the 'W', and now sticking them with a 'L'. Robert Bowling and the other aholes at IW should be embarrassed for letting this go on, for what is now years. These IW idiots should be held accountable and answer to this. One billion plus in revenue, and you can't even comment on this cheating?





4. Some other important points, the douchebag quitter never considers.


You'll often here the douchebag quitter give excuses that he's not going to take a loss, because it's not fair, ...the other team was cheating, had host, he had lag, pretty much, insert any of dozens of lame excuses these guys give. In every case, with every excuse, the quitter is always just thinking about themselves. That's how these guys think. One excuse you will often hear a lot is this...... "I wasn't the host, so my quitting didn't hurt anyone, what's it's to you?" .....Let's address that. One, you can never be entirely sure you aren't the host. Two, even if you aren't host, your quitting does affect other people. How? For starters, you just shafted your teammates, as they will be shorthanded for a while, 5 vs 6. Also, every time the quitter quits, the game engine will now have to find a replacement. And now some new guy, looking to get into a fair lobby......won't get one. He'll get dumped into the dreaded "Game-in-Progress" (GiP) Ever want to pull your hair out, when you get dumped into a losing game that is almost over? Blame the above a-hole(s) who originally bailed out on the game. GiPs exist because of these aholes quitting.





5. The "this is a Microsoft Issue, quit blaming IW" excuse

You will see this pop up a lot in threads. Absolving IW of all blame, and passing the buck to Bill Gates and Microsoft. While these people are partially correct, they aren't telling the whole story. Yes, the Dashboard is a Microsoft feature. That is correct. That said.......IW can do something about it. Why do i say that? Because Treyarch did address this partially. The CoD game engine and its stat tracking, it can recognize the Dash process. With IW, their engine gives the Dasher a free pass, and the other 11 players a Loss. Treyarch? Their engine gives the Dasher a loss, as well as the other 11 players. Both suck, but at least Treyarch  penalized the dasher on the WL ratio. IW can do more. Both companies can do more.


End of the day, Robert Bowling needs to address this.

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    I see no problem with dashboarding  because of lag compensation, why should we suffer because people cannot maintain a stable internet connection.

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      What you said, makes zero sense.


      Let me get this straight. We are suppose to empathize with your issue/problem of having a bad connection. You are whining that you are lagging, blaming others, and we are suppose to feel sorry for you.  But yet, YOU resolve the problem by screwing 11 other people?


      If you don't respect people, you don't get any respect. Not to be harsh, but you are certified grade A douchebag.


      Here's what you sound like idiot....."I just had the bad luck of having my house robbed. I'm going to resolve my anger by going out, and f*ucking over eleven other families, and rob them. That will fix things".


      Great logic there.


      At a minimum, if you have to quit as your connection is bad, or something else is causing the game to lag........at least exit via the in-game menu. Do this so you don't wreck the other 11 people's game. Maybe eight other people aren't having a bad lag like you. Why should they suffer, because of your issue?  But you already know this. You use the dashboard not because  of 'lag' or finding a good lobby....nope. Instead, your concern is protecting your KD ratio, at other people's expense. You should at least be honest about your views.

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    I didn't read your post as Dashboarding has been brought way too many times, but IW or any other dev can't really do anything about dashboarding it's all up to MS to disable the dashboard feature during a match, not on the main menu of the game, but during a game.


    And to the tool who tried to justify dashboarding, stop playing or fix your connection, or if you get a bad game simply quit via the menu like the rest of us.

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      Good post, but to address your first part.


      IW can do something. Treyarch did.


      Treyarch put something into the game coding/engine that stuck a 'L' on those who dashboarded. IW doesn't do that now, they give the dashboarder a free pass, no Loss shows up on the quitters record.


      So...what you said isn't true. There are some moves that can made in the coding.

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        Ah ok I didn't realize Treyarch finally did something about dashboarding, as i got rid of black ops because dashboarding was way out of control, so my bad... now i feel a total idiot haha, but yer if something can be done about this IW needs to fix it asap, i haven't really come across it much if at all, but then again i did recently pick black ops up again as the maps on mw3 are meh.

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          What Treyarch did, didn't really stop dashboarding....as the KD whores (who cause all the problems), they don't care if they get a loss. It means nothing to them. It was a start though.


          But what it also did do was help sniff out these douchebags in the pre-game lobbies. You could see them a mile away. You could look at a combat card, see a guy with a 2.91 KD...and then notice his WL record was only 0.87. Basically, he was a Dashboard Warrior. This D-Bag will play 100 games and then dash out of the 30 games he goes negative. His WL ratio suffers, but his KD stays high. A cheating booster. From playing Blops a year.....most of the time those guys would be gone from the lobby by game end. They dash.


          MW3 is FILLED to the brim with the above type of players. Wanna-be chumps who cheat their KD's, and then try to post videos, post on here, showing themselves with high KD's,call themselves good players. See it on this board, people posting their KD's are this, that. Liars.


          So anyways.....what Treyarch did is one step.

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    Misinformed OP is misinformed.


    If you dashboard out of a game, all your stats are still preserved. The only thing that used to happen, was that the game would keep your winstreak going if you dashed.



    Go into a match, use a gun that you have 0 kills with, get 10-15 kills (which ever one unlocks the first Marksman challenge for that gun) then dashboard. Go back into multiplayer and look at your challenges, you will still have it completed.


    Those kills and deaths you got in that match didn't just 'magically' dissappear, even if you were the host when you dashboarded.


    This has been the case in the last 5 CoD games.

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      I'm going to respectively disagree with you.


      In MW2, if you dashboarded, your kills, deaths.....do not count. If you go 5-30 and then hit the dashboard button, your overall Kills/Death do not reflect the 5 and 30. They don't register. I know, because I did it a few times when being stuck in some Chopper Gunner glitch games. I also didn't get a loss.


      I never dashboarded in Blops, but watched people who did. They got a loss, but the kills/deaths did not register.


      In MW3, I haven't dashboarded yet....and have no intention of doing so to test the above info out....but again, i've had two annoying friends on the list, who keep doing it. They do it so their bad game won't register (k/d).

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    To be honest I am not for or against dashboarders.  With that being said, I think it’s ironic that the dashboardees complain about the dashboarders because they get a loss.  To me this makes no sense, one cares about KDR and the other cares about W/L. So that would make them both douchebags since they both care about stats that really mean nothing.

    I mean, have I been dashboarded on?  Yes, did it suck? Yes, but you know what, I had fun getting a bunch of kills, I had fun in my chopper gunner, etc.  That loss did not take the fun out of the game I just had and who knows, maybe the only reason I was doing so good was because the host was lagging.

    I personally don’t see too many disconnect and this probably why it does not bother me, I may change my mind if it happened all the time.

    If you want to complain about something complain about the lag or getting thrown in a match over half way through and the team you put is getting destroyed.

    I say after the game is more than halfway over, no more players.  If all the players on one team leaves, that means they forfeited and the other team is awarded with a win.

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      Sorry, but that's stupid, your comment about how the dashboardees complaining about their WL is just as dumb as the dashboarders quitting to protect their KD.


      One side is playing the right way. Starting and finishing a game. Their game, playing the right way, isn't affecting anyone else. The other side, the dashboarders? They are dashing a game to 'CHEAT', and also, as a secondary act, at times wrecking other people's game by crashing the system. You can't even compare the two sides and trying to do so, is idiotic.


      And yes, you are right, it is just one little 'L' (loss) on the scorecard, it's not THAT big of a deal in the big scheme of things. But nonetheless, even setting that aside, it's ridiculously annoying to be in a game, 45 seconds from the end, and have the game crash solely for the reason that one prick is trying to salvage his KD stat, and he dashes, rather than quit via the in-game menu, a device already available for him to use.


      To each his or her own. You think Lag is bad? I don't. I find maybe, 1 out of mabye 15 to 20 games to have 'bad lag'. Quitting? That goes on in almost 95% of the games I play. It happens MUCH more often and comes into play much more often too. KD douches populate this game and again, almost every game I play....i would venture a guess that 1/2 of the other team will quit before the end. And I said I before, this creates a THIRD problem....the whole issues of incoming new people being dumped into games-in-progress.


      If you made it, so that IF someone manually uses the dashboard button, their KD ratio gets erased from the game forever.......watch and see how many people quit. It will drop by half. Guaranteed.











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        Wow man, someone needs to a new hobby, take it easy lol.  Thats just my opinion but thanks for using the words like "idiotic" "stupid", "dumb". 


        Anyway, what is playing the rightway?  that is so subjective it is not even funny and a whole different topic.  Hey man I am sorry you get dashboarded on but thats COD life.


        Yes, lag is bad in MW3 for me.  and yes my internet is good, line quality, yada yada, I am anal about my internet and all I see is lag since the last update. 


        I am looking forward to the new update.  Anyway DS is not cheating, its someone caring too much about their stats and/or just being a jerk.

        I agree the dashboarder should at least get a loss.

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    Yup, this is the WORST part of the game. 1000 wins and 50 losses. 40 of those are from being dashboarded on. Do the math, see how that destroys my W/L ratio.


    Over the last week though, we only play if the lobby is OURS - if we merge into another lobby, we back out and wait for people to join ours. This way, we don't get losses.


    ATVIMikey tweeted at me saying they were looking into this... they didn't do anything. IW doesn't care. Never have, never will.


    Unless we can get hundreds of people saying "STOP GIVING A LOSS TO PEOPLE WHO GET DASHBOARDED ON", they will leave it as it is.

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      Again though, to the above.....the issue just isn't about one group 'getting a loss'. You are missing the big picture and just giving ammo to these douchebags, who want to make look like the issue is just some WL stat geeks whining about getting a loss.

      It's more than that.


      1. Dashboarding is cheating. It's on the same level as going under a map and getting kills. IW seems to be hell bent this time on stopping cheating, why not this cheat? If there was a gltich that enabled people to insert 2,000 kills into their record, i'm sure that would be stopped. Why not this?



      2. Unlike the clan tag button glitch, which hurt no one, which IW raced to get rid of....Dash boarding AFFECTS other people. One out of every 12 dashes crashes the game, ruining the experience for 11 other people.



      3. Dashboarding  is used for boosting one's KD. Boosting is supposedly something  that is frowned upon.



      4. Dashboaring promotes quiting, which is already one of the biggest problems in the game. Quitting causes horrendous matchmaking, as the more people who quit, the more people who get stuck in those god aweful 'games-in-progess.



      Anyone who defends dashboarding, is a retard for wanting the above things too.



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    Papaxs said....


    "Anyway, what is playing the rightway?  that is so subjective it is not even funny and a whole different topic.  Hey man I am sorry you get dashboarded on but thats COD life."



    Seriously? Not trying to stir crap here, but if stupid fits, it has to be called that. You are trying to say that "playing the right way" is subjective? Let me ask you. So when you were growing up, playing a game of monopoly, was it the "rightway" to simply throw the board against the wall, quitting when you felt you were losing? Or playing little league baseball, was it the 'rightway' to simply take the ball and leave the field, quitting, when you felt you did bad? No. It wasn't back then, and it's not right now.


    Sorry, but unless you were raised in some crack house with no parents around, there are some common values to be had when growing up. Courtesy, manners, when playing even a game. You have an option readily available for leaving a game, that affects no one in that game. But yet YOU still seek the option that intentionally screws others?


    So let me ask you, since you find this issue to be so subjective, what type of values were you given when growing up? If someone robs your house, do you find it subjective, maybe fair, that you resolve your issue by going out and stealing from someone else?

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      Wow man, I am done with this thread.  You need to learn on how to have a debate and not insult people.  With your attitude I hope you continually get dashboarded on for the rest of your life. 


      *notifications turned off for this thread*



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        I imagine you would be done on this thread. Where else can you go from here? What's to debate?


        You are saying playing the right way is "Subjective". There's nothing subjective about one side cheating and using a bypass quitting technique that wrecks games for everyone (when they already have a way to quit via the in-game menu).......versus one group that bothers no one and simply starts and finishes a game. There is nothing "Subjective" about that. It's black and white. Clear as day. Open and shut.


        So what is there to debate? Don't mean to be harsh with you, but it's opinions like yours, that go unchallenged, that allow this bullshit to continue with this game. People thinking it's a simply another way to play, starting games and dashing all the time, to preserve stats and wrecking games for others. Sorry, it's  not an alternative playstyle.

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    First of all, when you dashboarded in Black Ops, your Win Streak stayed alive, this is why I have a 116 win streak in Black Ops. Yes I am admitting that I dashboard-ED. I don't anymore, why? Because you can't in mw3. Well you can, but it doesn't matter. When you dashboard in mw3 all your stats are recorded.


    They implimented this not too long ago either. Go try it.