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The anti-lag comp whiners are gone, but guess what?

Now the people with bad connections who feel like they "cant play now" will make their voices heard by spamming the forums with posts. I hope everyone is happy. They dialed down the lag comp, so now people who were easily killing people due to their terrible connections will be crying about how the game is "broken". Dont get me wrong, I dont think they should have messed with the lag comp personally, except for the host, as there was a definitive host dis-advantage. You shouldnt be rewarded for having a beastly connection, or for having a crap connection.


Solution to this: Make a median latency to where if you fall below that you dont get to lag comp the whole lobby. Only use lag comp for people above the median latency. It isnt a given that you should be able to play this game on your neighbors stolen internet. Sorry. It does say "internet connection required for multiplayer" on the box. Thoughts?

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