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Some ideas for drop zone mode


First, they need to remove the javalin, Its to hectic.


And it would be cool if your K/d doesnt count in drop zone mode so you can run and do crazy things without losing your high K/d ratio.
I think the drop zone mode is a game mode to have fun and not to be serious. K/d slows us down.


Post your ideas


Sorry for bad spelling, i'm dutch


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*M-judy -                Remove the javalin
*M-judy -                Remove K/d
*Squiggledyboing -  Higher points to win


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    just use trophy system, for awhile......


    then use smg's and stalker pro/extreme conditioning



    thanks to mw3, even if you put a HEAVY weapon on your back, you still run around like your using it ...... also use blast shield for awhile.... and punish these **** for doing it....

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    games seen to be over quite quickly,maybe a 10000 or 15000 point win would be better

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    i havent played this mode yet, it keeps kicking me out of xbox live everytime i join a game, is this mode any good?

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    I have been doing amazing at drop zone even with people using javelins i normally lead ganes with at least 3000 score and it is a very fun and hectic game mode with almost 0 camping in it

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      There is some camping involved but it's mainly defending the objective by either camping on it or just around it picking people off as they are trying to take the flag,


      The first few games I played on it was a bit of a drag but I have now played quite a few and I really do enjoy this game mode, it's suited to all game styleeeeee with run n gun doing ok or big arse machine guns n launchers owning the flag, it's a quick game an yes I agree 10,000 or 15,000 point games would be awesome


      But on ps3 I have noticed like many others it gives u 20 points per second during the game but at the end when it totals ur score up it's missing all the 20 points u have accumulated during the game, I will give u an example,


      I finished a game the other night and on the screen it said I has 3880 points but when u look at game summary it only said 1300,


      Now I'm not sure if it's just a glitch with the adding up system or if the points were not actually added to my stats, but I'm too lazy to play a game and check it out, hopefully it's just a score glitch in the adding up part,


      But otherwise it's good, as u can change ur class any time u die to suite how the games playing out without loss of your kill streak awards, seeing how they are disabled during this game mode, and it's always bugged me that they didn't flip over to ur new set up if the kill streaks are set to the same on other game modes

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    Oh and b4 I forget double xp doesn't work too well on it either, if your on the flag u still only get 20 points per second not 40 I'm not sure if you get double xp for the kills u get I didn't notice, but I'm 100% sure u don't get double the 20 points cos I activated my elite account and went straight on it and after two games went back to kill confirmed just till my double xp runs out in about an hours of game time left,

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    Game mode is too hectic for me, I like fast paced games, but this is taking the piss, but I guess it's ideal for adrenaline junkies...

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    My teammmate and I play excellent drop zone. I will be making tutorial videos soon.


    View my post and add me to play:



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      tutorial? Let me help you get started


      Pick a class with Blast Shield as your second perk (blind eye as a 1st is a good choice). 3rd perk: Marksman (esp if you use a sniper so you can "see" through the smoke), otherwise use Sit rep


      Use a trophy system


      Put on a stinger as seconday


      Sit in the zone (but do not sit directly in the drop zone as the packages will drop on you), get people to look in all directions, pick up packages


      Leave the packages that nobody touches (no that is not really a juggernaut if they are not trying to get it)


      Rinse and Repeat


      This gets you:

      A butt load of points

      Blast Shield Pro

      Sit Rep Pro/or Marks Man Pro

      Blind Eye Pro




      Tutorial over.


      (implied seriousness and sarcasm at the same time)