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Great idea! Slayers!!


Now I know for all you hardcore slayers are having a bad time keeping a good row on kill streaks because of the spaming uav's or emps shooting down air support. Team death/kill comfirm match is our slayers favorite type! But it's hard to do espically with uav's camping assaisn people! But heres a good game mode! Make it a TDM/Kill comfirm name it like "Pro slaye" or something and make it so there's no assasin like Black Ops game mode called "express" which allowed different game modes with no secound chance or ghost! That would be amazing! Express was a full out rush game mode! Also take out support kill streaks because this is a Slayer game mode! And make it like express which had selective maps! Just take out maps like outpost, downturn, and slow pace game modes! Just imagine a game mode like this no assain people no support kill streaks oh and no death streaks! And fast pace maps!!! Wow slayers dream come true this game isn't bad just need to find your type of game mode also make it a 7v7!! Com'on guys like this and comment this so 402 can make it happen!!! Slayer nation here!!! Reach me on psn- uribe_123 if you have suggestions or opinion's!!