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    okay just to clear up many things that people have posted in this thread( most things are incorrect). there will atleast be 20 pieces of dlc( maps) that will be given monthly throughout the year. the map packs total $ will only be worth $60 not $100. and pretty much everything else they did fail on, but they will eventually fix...

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    Well, I am glad I am not the only one who is p-o'd at this.  I mean really, this was supposed to be the next big thing in gaming.  As for the maps, I think it is horse-poo...  They said that there would be "no waiting" for the maps that non-elite members would have.  A new map each month instead of a download every three months...  Okay, so the first month, maybe not, but by my calculations there is about 20 more days and we should be getting something.


    And I am not one of those, this games sucks, I'm trading it in kinda guys, but come on.  We paid an extra $40 bucks on pre-order ($50 for everyone else) and we haven't gotten crap for it yet.  If we had to wait, then it should have been like $30 cause they would have made the rest on interest.

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    If DLC contains maps like the ones already in the game my hardened edition was a total waste of money and MW3 the last title that I bought. Everything has to end one day.

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    Ok just to clear things up (which you were also incorrect about), in the advertising they said that they would have DLC each month for 9 months straight. Since your Elite is for 12 (really 13 since they gave everyone an extra for how crappy it was to begin with) months, so until it hits around mid-feb you cant say they wont be giving you 9 months straight of DLC.


    Also, DLC DOESNT mean map packs. DLC could be anything from a wallpaper for your xbox, avatar items, gun camos, etc. I assumed when I bought the HE that the 9 months DLC would include 4-5 map packs and 4-5 fluff stuff. Even if you only get 4 map packs with the ELITE package, normally buying the maps seperately you would spend minimum $15 per, so that would be $60, more than the cost of buying ELITE ($40-$50). So when you look at it that way, you basically got the map packs at a discount price, AND get a bunch of extra stuff for FREE.


    Just my 2 cents. Everyone have a great day, enjoy your holidays, and game on.


    EDIT: The ELITE sight says it includes "MW3 Downloadable content*, including all MW3 maps." * at bottom of page says coming early in 2012. So look for your first DLC early 2012.

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    no need to flame, he simply asking where is the stuff he is promised.

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    agreed. They misleed when they say 20 DLC. And who wants Avatar Items, anyways? Chances are, not a single friend has checked your avi, or even gamertag more than twice. I won't trade it in, but I hope these DLC aren't pieces of trash, like so many other COD DLC have.

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    Nooooo no no


    The map packs will MAYBE push 50 and that only because they charge free 15 bucks a pop.


    This is capitalism, man. "Saving us money" will equal maybe 10 bucks.

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    I don't think they will be releasing anything free outside of the game, they would be stepping into MS's territory and they aren't chummy like that. They would have to pay MS to give us the avatar stuff because I'm pretty darn sure the MW3 themed avatar stuff's prices are set by MS.


    I can already tell you it's going to be roughly 3 maps packs, maybe an extra for Spec Ops, some disk-unlocks for new guns in the game (which are ALREADY ON THE DISK), some new game types, and maybe gun paint. That's about it.


    You paid $50 so you might save $10-$15 unless you bought the hardened cause it was only $40.

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    Not like a company so in dept up to their eyeballs.These people have so much cash they could launch their own satalite.Elite will be up and running in time for COD XP so they can snowball another Billion 2012.

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    lol face it, everyone who paid for hardened and elite just got scammed. you will most likely get the normal 4 map packs for free and some other useless junk most likely. thats why i would never pay for it, heck most people prob have quuit this game after the 2nd map pack comes out.


    you have basically paid for what black ops gave you for free