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    lol face it, everyone who paid for hardened and elite just got scammed. you will most likely get the normal 4 map packs for free and some other useless junk most likely. thats why i would never pay for it, heck most people prob have quuit this game after the 2nd map pack comes out.


    you have basically paid for what black ops gave you for free

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    its cheaper than buyin the map packs seperately so even though its trash it saved us money, so how exactly dude ur thing just makes no sense black ops was the biggest pos i have ever played so yea,

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    @ sixthview - they did NOT say there would only be 9 maps.


    They said there would be 9 DLCs. Within those 9 DLCs you may only get one map, you may  get several. The number of maps to be released has never been stated.


    As far as the first DLC, that's not coming until January at best, to be sure. That would be roughly two months after the initial  release and leave one month to go after the final DLC before the next COD title is released.


    All of that said, Elite is, thusfar, definitely a let-down. Granted, I bought it for the DLCs, but the ability to look at stats - for every COD from BO forward - was promised. Sure, we can see stats for MW3, but the stats for BO seem to be locked or frozen.


    While it has not affected me, the fact that there are a lot of people out there taking advantage of others for their 500 Founder XP points is total BS.


    The clan I am in seems to have had its clan XP and stats frozen for a week now. That really ticks me off.


    Frankly, the competitions never seem to fit my schedule. The Events are fairly subjective in nature. I can chalk these problems being tough luck for me.


    I don't know. I'm not going to stop playing COD games.


    But I am in the market for a new FPS.

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    There are going to be FOUR map packs. The other 5 DLC packs are unknown as of yet. I posted proof of this if you search for my name it was the last thread I posted.

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    @nuttin2say - I didn't say nine maps.  I asked cause the other dude said, and I was asking him for a source...

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    Honestly to end this thread...  I think the thing that pisses me off the most is NOT KNOWING WHEN.  I mean, they should have some idea at least so give us a time frame.  Doesn't have to even be an exact date, but like, "In February... blah blah blah." 


    They always have the "News" sections, but never put anything even slightly beneficial in there.  So, CoD reps...  If you read this... Share some of your info with us.  It will help us all relax a little.

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    ELITE pays for itself in the "free" DLC alone, plus, anyone who has ANY knowledge of creating websites that can link to other platforms (such as consoles) will know just how difficult creating one from scratch (especially with the scale of connectivity ELITE has) actually is.


    of course they are having problems, and yes, they could keep us a bit more informed, but I would much rather they keep working on fixing it, than stopping to give us useless updates.


    They have already given us one "sorry" so far, that being the free month, chances are there will be more until they properly sort it out, I am happy to wait, and so should the rest of you be.


    Oh, and before some of you inevitably say "where IS my DLC then?" the nine month period they release DLC in starts in late Jan/early Feb, most people with at least some knowledge in CoD DLC times knows this.

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    Moon Head 92

    You sir are the only person i have seen in this thread that has actually some logic and reasoning behind their posts, props to you.... yer i bought HE, am i a little p****... no, you know why? because i actually did some research and found out in the most questions asked that, "DLC will begin early 2012" and this was on the elite site... so next time instead of raging (this applies to almost everyone on these forums)... do some bloody research!

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    An actual official answer on MW3 DLC!!

    If you go to the FAQ section in elite at: http://www.callofduty.com/elite/toolbar/faq.html

    It says the following on DLC for Elite members

    How does the monthly DLC program for Call of Duty ELITE members work?
    Starting early 2012, we will be releasing 2-3 new pieces of multiplayer content for Call of Duty ELITE members on a monthly basis. You will be notified in-game that new content is available. You simply have to download it and it’s ready to play.
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    all this boils dow 2 is they want people to PAY so their clan can get EXP ! THIS IS THE ONLY REASON WHY think about it. I for 1 REFUSE to pay due to this reason they have made over a billion and still are greedy. People are buying premium JUST to level their clan and this is what IW wants you 2 do but I for one have a brain and choose 2 use it and realized what they are doing. To a degree this is 100% EXPLOITATION dont buy it support this post