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Founder clan |XIled Alpha Gaming| Recruiting all non and Founder players (PS3 ONLY)


Hi I am the leader of Xiled Alpha Gaming Silencio_Tesk, and i am currently recruting anyone that is willing to join the clan from low kd to high kd, founder or not, just type your PSN down below and i will invite you simple as that. and another thing it would be great if you know how to quick scope so we can have some great private matches.




Clan Operation are finally here and i will be enrolling in each and every operation so we can maximize our chance at some xp, we need premium members at a high rate now since you have to be premium to help earn the xp for the clan but we still will be acepting non premium into the clan. JOIN NOW



To be able to get a invite you need:


  • A Mic
  • A KD of any kind
  • Type your PSN down below (most important)

GameTypes we play:

  • Domination            
  • Team Death Match
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Put it all together in Ground War
  • Infected
  • Drop Zone
  • and Search And Destroy (so we can build some team skills)


My PSN is Silencio_Tesk, give me a friend request with a message saying that you want to be recruited and I will get you a invite ASAP.