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Any suggestions on new games guys?

Well, I am done with this game. Its just freaking stupid. I don't understand, how I can shoot a guy with a WHOLE CLIP OF A MP9, AND FAIL TO KILL HIM! WHERE DO THE BULLETS GO! I don't understand HOW SOMEONE EATS 9 M16 ROUNDS, AND KILLS ME IN ONE SHOT WITH THE TYPE 95. This is crap. I can't stand. I need something new. This game has failed yet again. I was hopeful about MW3, really truly hopeful, but after just days and days of the same ****, I can't take it. I can't believe that a game of this caliber is allowed to be put on the market. Whatever. Any suggestions on what I should pick as an alternative? I can't truly think I am going to touch CoD again. What a waste of my money. Damn it. What a joke.