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A few cosmetic suggestions

Although i was rather happy with the camoflage choices in this game, I am yet again disappointed to see that my dream camo has not been implemented. What i would like the devs to consider in the future would be a create your own camo option. Make it extremely hard to get, or have it be the first thing unlocked. Hell, it could take 10000 headshots to unlock, and i would work for it because it would be awesome. The way this could work would be either a premade camo pattern where up to three can be selectable, with a predetermined color pallet containing maybe 20 colors. Or, have it similar to black ops where the player gets the gun, and a set library of icons to stamp on the gun. I realize the create your own emblem option in black ops was a disaster. Some players are very good at art. Unfortunately most of those players used their abilities to create x rated scenes. But i still think it would be cool to have a shark mouth on the pump of a shotgun. Gaudy stuff like that has been the passion of people in both videogames and real life. I recall the other day some kids were talking about how cool a chrome or platinum camo would be. While i personally prefer hex or blue tiger camo, i can see where this would appeal to players.


I realize this may be too late to implement into modern warfare 3. But perhaps this can be a consideration for mw4. Another suggestion i have is a visually customizable character. What i mean is, whenever i play, i see there is one character skin for each weapon type. This, imo, is rather disappointing. The other day i pulled off a triple sniper kill, and saw that all three people i shot were clones of eachother. This really disappoints me. So, what i would like to suggest, is that we have a character for each faction in the game. We then have 5 options for head, torso, and pants (really the simplest way i can think to do it) that we can play with to get our own personal character. Ghillie suits would still be a sniper only thing. Again, most likely a suggestion for mw4.


*on a side note, can we please get ghillie suits for the african militia? we work to get 200 1s1k medals, only to see we're still an african running around in a t-shirt. If the other team was at a similar disadvantage, then it would be fine. But on mission, if youre the PMC not only do you have the extreme advantage of starting with the high ground, but you also have the advantage of having a ghillie suit to hide in the bushes. The t-shirts do absolutely nothing. The small advantage they might have given is overshadowed by the naturally dark skin of the african militia, which contrasts greatly with the surrounding area, and provides no camoflage when setting up somewhere with a sniper rifle.


And finally, can we please camoflage our secondary weapons? i've been wanting to do this ever since i actually got into the cod franchise in mw2. i couldnt imagine anything better than running around with a camoflaged ppsh2000. now, i run around with the glock. either way, it would be nice to see some camoflage implemented. Again, this may be a suggestion for mw4. but i would still like to see this brought in.


(also, what happened to the two attatchments for our secondaries? that was amazing, and now it sucks that we cant get that... we have proficiencies with our primaries, perhaps consider implementing the same thing for our secondaries in the future?)


for those who think TL;DR


*Paragraph 1: Create your own camo

*Paragraph 2: Get some personalization and variation in character customization

*Paragraph 3: Camo on secondary weapons