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Hardcore: Ricochet On Domination = Nightmare

Just started to get in to HC Dom, was near enough sick of core and thought wow i've found something I like. Now its ruined. I totally get why loads of people wanted it, however in a game of domination where its longer and more killstreaks are involved it just doesnt work.


I wouldnt mind a hybrid of the two, e.g. after a few TK's you get flicked to Ricochet - although things like deliberate knife, obvious deliberate team kill should be instant ricochet (e.g. always the same person). Its this or just take if off and add a kick for repeat offenders. Examples of why ricochet isnt working for me:


  • I kill enemys with a grenade... 20 secs later a car explodes killing my team mate and I gett suicided - tell me how I could have avoided it?!
  • Team mate is stupid, keeps rushing enemy spawn and getting his team screwed
  • As above, idiot camps by my I.M.S like a fool - I get killed??!
  • I predator missle/ Air strike multiple enemys by just hit the one friendly - not my fault (its not like I have team radar)


Anyway, just my oppinion, its harder still when you dont play with 6 in a team, even if I call my airstrikes nobody listens or hears because they have muted all or in XBL party chat. It doesnt help with all this support package crap encouraging people to rush constantly and play like crap because they'll get their ton of stealth bombers anyway.


Or is it just me getting screwed over by this?

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    Ricochet is the most stupid idea ever!


    I throw a grenade near a car, the grenade kills an enemy and sets the car on fire. My griefing team mate decides to go prone next to the car killing me and not him!


    I start shooting an enemy, and my dumb team mate runs straight in front of me from my blindside. He knows he can steal the kill and cause me to die, while he's laughing.


    A team mate watches me throw a semtex into a room, then immediately climbes/walks into the room. He lives while I die.


    A team mate see's me lay a bouncing betty, and decides to camp right next to it. Enemy sets it off, I die.


    Ricochet has solved the spawn killing in HC-S&D (which I never once saw in 40+ games) but has ruined every other HC game mode completely

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    The only problem I have with Richochet, is that when you're in a Reaper, AC-130, or Osprey Gunner, they don't have green boxes around your teammates. Then you can see if there's an enemy and your teammate fighting, you know not to shoot, 'cause you'll blow up your teammate

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    This is a tad retarded and their easy way out let's face it.


    The worst is the accidental TK ruining your KS.

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    I have no problem with ricochet...just need to be more aware and maybe use other killstreaks. You never really see too many air strikes anyway...I've died WAY more from friendly fire than I have killing myself. Finally IW got something right.

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    Agreed what makes hc is that you can't just run around spraying and praying and war add me I couldn't access my messages oX Gemini Xo I still wanna learn quick scope.

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    I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I got kicked in Blops with the 3 TK kick rules.


    Again I can count on 1 hand the amount of times I've accidentally team killed in MW3, I'm a careful player.


    Since ricochet came in and 'team mates' have realised they can grief you VERY easily, I've 'suicided' at least twice in every game due to the reasons I listed above. None of them are my fault or intentional but I take the death anyway because of dumb greenies.

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    I'm totally in agreement you can't run about spraying - read the points above, its stuff like a car blowing up. Hitting one team mate in amoungst 4 enemy - why no friendly markers on preds etc?! The flip side is while I get its not a great idea to rush in my team doesnt, again things like som idiot sits next to my I.M.S, next to a car on fire - how is that something I can avoid?

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    In fairness I am careful but the point is a load of the guys you get stuck with are not. I could probably add to that the game doesnt always render the friendly player names either, sometimes I scope in and out a few times and still no name so I go for it and... oh, it was a friendly.

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    Ya but look at it this way...is it a ricochet problem, or a greenie prob? Maybe it's completely different with a full six, but at least if I suicide and lose my KS I know I'm partially to blame. I would hate being on a streak and have some moron throw a random frag and have it kill me. I guess I prefer ricochet. In BLOPS I was kicked countless times because I had a chopper gunner and teammates flipped spawns on me. Worst feeling ever when you're 45-3 and get kicked from a game.



    @Jemini, I'll add you later today. I'll help you out.

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