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Prestige Token Glitch "No Repercussions for exploiters"

So just got ward of some retarded glith that lets you have Unlimited Prestige Tokens.  Judging by what was said when they fixed the Clan Tag things... something along the lines of "Actiosn will not be taken agains offenders ebcause we allowed this to be in our game"


I can see not taking action for the clan tag thing, It got me kills, and only pissed me off when team mates would stand infront of me... but this?  Unlimited Tokens?  Oh look I'm level 4 first Prestige, I have the Acr, nope now I have a type 95, nope now the Mp7.  I mean it's not ground breaking, but seriously dumb.


Ban EVERYONE that exploited this glitch, "Exploiting to have an advantage over other players"

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