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Need to have DEDICATED servers.

I can't say I've played another game with the same amount of connection issues. I'm tired of the inconsistancy in the games because of this.


ONE person that has a bad connection can miraculously secure the 'host' of the game. This causes everyone else in the game to lag like crazy. And I don't know if lag switches are real, but it sure seems like some people can make it lag when your about to do something.


The worst is the host advantage. I'm so sick of shooting someone a few times, die and then in the kill cam; NOTHING comes out of your gun. Or, running around a wall. The kill cam will show them getting hit markers on air, killing you somehow? Having host gives you and your team a significant advantage in the game. Especially if someone knows how to use host advantage. I've done it many times using the striker and specialist with host. Your pretty much invincible.


I'm sure they have more than enough money to run dedicated servers like Battlefiled does. This would eliminate the host advantage and give everyone equal advantages.