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Fear None is a fast growing, and highly experienced gaming clan for the PS3. We were founded February 27, 2009 on Killzone2 and have been expanding our influence ever since. We provide an active forum, mature member base, and strong leadership. Currently we are exclusive to Call of Duty Black Ops. But we will also be expanding into Modern Warfare 3 when the games are released. Skill level is not our main focus. We look for dedication, maturity, and a will to improve. We help you develop your skill and shape it properly. What more could you want?


The setup of our clan is very simple and straight forward. It gives easy to learn ranks and leadership positions, allowing all members to understand the chain of command. Members always know who to direct their questions or concerns to, based off of different criteria.


We provide our clan with a wide amount of clan features:

» Professional, and custom website

» High tech and easy to use forum

» One of a kind, custom made website themes

» Active and relaxed forum community

» Patient and experienced members. Very welcoming and friendly

» Relaxed gaming atmosphere that allows you to develop long term friendships

» Highly experienced and hardworking clan leaders. Always looking to help you and expand the clan

» Unflawed leadership setup

» Never ending prizes and rewards

» Constant clan tournaments and activities

» Clear guidelines and operations

» Long time friends

…And much more


I hope you all choose to check us out. I know you won’t be disappointed. If you have any questions, please contact me on this website, or our own.


If you would like to apply, please click on this link -http://fearnone.net/recruitment


Thank you very much for your time.

Reffering Member- PURE /TruFPS

~Fear None Clan~ http://fearnone.net