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#define NOOB


Q: Is it noob to use strong/op weapons?

A: No, not as stand alone. But in combo with boasting with stats/kdrs and thinking you were a great player, it is kinda noob, yes.


Q: Are new players noob?

A: Since noob is just another insult and lost his meaning, no, new players are not noob. Only vets calling new players noob are noob. (kinda confusing, i know)


Q: Are rage quitters noob?

A: Depends: if you get fuk'd over and over by lag compesation or a whole clan, you're host with 3 fps or your real life rings the door, your are not noob. But if you leave every game, because the enemy team is able to point a weapon at you, the lag compesation didn't make you invincible or you shot down your Wii to preserve your 5kdr, to get some meaning in your life, you are noob.


Q: Is it noob, to go on killstreaks in objective modes?

A: Again, depends: Do you do it for supporting your team an winning?Do you do it because your team is trying to figure out, which game mode they in, and you will loose no matter what you try, because you play alone? No. But if you alone play TDM in objective modes, because in real TDM, you can't compete with the other players who have the same desteny as you, just running around, avoiding objectives and kill enemys from behind, who actually try to play on objectives, yes, you are noob. Think about it: The others play for your sake, because if everyone would do it your way, you would end up in a TDM again and loose your advantage.


Q: Is camping noob?

A: Hell, no. I'm by myself a agressive player and so, food for campers. But since their so many counter messures, for example play more carefully(!), it's just a great counter against runners.


Q:  Are squeakers, singing in the lobby, makeing wired noises or playing justin bieber(?) songs thorugh ther headphones noob?

A: I think their's nothing as noob as this in the world.


Q: Are their some kind of nick name, which make players noob?

A: Not directly. But the funny thing is, the more they have wired symbols,numbers and case variety in their names, the higher is the probaility that they fullfill some, or all of the above listed noob factors. You should be alerted if you see some kind of "sc0pZzZ","pwn0rrrr" or "PROzG4m3r".


Feel free to add your Q&As...


What do we learn out of this Q&A session? The real noobs are the ones, that invented this term and calling others noob. I know, paradox o.O


Sorry, i was bored -.-