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A Solution to Ranting Everywhere (Not Joke)

So I had a pretty generic idea right about now about a way to:


1.     Voice concern

2.     Petition against Problems

3.     Gain Awareness


...Besides the forums




I know most of you hate seeing complaints day in - day out about the same things.



My thought was for the forum developers to a poll system



The real inner workings are kinda fuzzy right now, but the main process would be something similar to:




Select Catagory - (Weapons, Kill streaks, Equipment, etc.)

     --- Sub catagory Weapons:

               *List all weapons here*

     --- Sub catagory Kill streaks

               *List all Kill streaks here*




So recap.. Select main group, box comes up with minor groups for specific selection.



From there, you select the option for NERF or BUFF (Check boxes)


Comments can be added (under 161 characters)


Top 10 polls (most active) will be displayed on the main poll page, with the nerf or buff statistics.


Developers can easily look at this without the need to filter through all the crap and rants, and better get a idea of how the community as a whole feels.


It'd also prevent a whole lot of trolling, raging, etc.


Comments? Questions? Concerns?