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Highest number of kills in one match?


so a couple of games that I played tonight inspired me to ask this question. the question is this: What is the highest number of kills you've gotten in a single match. post what gun you were using and what map it was on as well to make things interesting. edit: also post the game mode you were playing


Now, I'm not trying to brag or put myself up on a pedastol, I just thought it would be an interesting idea to see what people have done. I will also say that I'm not proud of this.. whatever you'll cal it.


# of kills: 57 (there were twenty seconds left and I had two guys in my line of sight but the host either unplugged his wii or his wii froze because the game disconnected and the lobby was still active afterwards)

map: Dome (surprised? lol)

gun: pp90m1 with red dot sight and range proficiency (I know, OP gun but a couple of guys on the other team were annoying me so i decidd to equip it)

game mode: kill confirmed


well, that's my story, what's yours? don't be shy