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All the complaints are pointless

All the complaints are pointless because the only way activision/IW will ONLY take notice is if they see a significant reductions in the revenue generated by the COD franchise. 


If you really want to get their attention then boycott buying their dlc when it is released.  Look at the civil right movement in america in th 1950's and 1960's.  The bus companies didnt allow african american to ride at the front of the bus, when african americans boycotted the buses, the bus companies began to lose serious money and soon changed their policy towards their african american customers.


The big corparations only understand the language of money.

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    First you may want to read your history. If AA refused to take the bus it wasnt much lost revenue in the first place. They actuall GAINED more customers that used to refuse to ride on any bus that AAs were allowed on. And as for the AAs refusing to ride the bus they sure must have loved getting fired for being late or too tired to work from walking in the rain.


    Then you may want to just check your COD history.


    Big example... MW2 was dropped once the IW employess walked out the door. MW2 was a glitchy peice of garbage with the care package glitch the Fuel rock glitch and many other modding hacking , etc.

    Black Ops came along after that and broke world records. That also had problems such as lag issues up until the day MW3 came out.

    MW3 broke world records again. Sold 20 percent more than Black Ops did.


    History in game repeats itself over and over. You people supposedly boycott but still keep crawling back. Of all the people who were going to boycott the COD series more than 75 percent of you "boycotters" are still here and bought MW3.


    Customers leave and come back when they realize other places are worse. Companies also gain new customers.


    The "if this game isnt fixed in one month" statement has been used many many times before. Turned out to be just talk.. And guess what, those people are still here. Even the ones who ran off to buy Homefront, etc. and came back admitting that other games were worse than this.


    Now if you want PRESENT boycott history, check out the story on Netflix after a million customers left after they raised their prices by 40 percent or more. Netflix analysts KNEW that they would lose 1 million of their 24 million customers on the price change. So do you think losing some customers really make a difference ? They Expected to lose FOUR PERCENT of their customer and STILL come out ahead.



    The company finished its third quarter with 23.79 million U.S. subscribers compared with the 24.59 million in had during its second quarter. In Q3, Netflix announced a 60% price increase, which went into effect in September. The company had predicted in a letter to shareholders that the impact of the price increase would be limited and the company would finish the Q3 with 25 million total subscribers. (The company lowered that estimate to 24 million in September, though.) Investors reacted by continuing to punish Netflix’s already-battered stock, sending it down 27% in after-hours trading."


    http://mashable.com/2011/10/24/netflix-loses-800000-customers-in-quarter/ has a link to the shareholder report.


    Good luck on your boycott.

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      So true. If there were actual games out here that could compete with COD, it might be a different story. But then, of course, a boycott wouldn't be needed in the first place because Acti would have there stuff together because of competition from the get-go. They are all alone up on the totem pole just beggin to be checked. Watch, it will happen sooner or later. Somebody will come in with a shooter that can give COD a run for their money and the FPS gaming community will have it going on at that point. Things will get much better.

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      Black Ops for me sucked, the lag was terrrible from the first week till MW3 came out. I didnt buy the DLC. I bought MW3 hoping it would be better, and at first it was just as bad, now since patch TU7 I actually enjoy playing it. And I will probably buy the DLC.


      So while you and a few hundred or even a few thousand have issues with MW3 I doubt it will have much impact. And you've already paid IW for the game, I would imagine they would be happy if even 20% of the player base bought the DLC. And I seriously doubt more than 30% of player base have even noticed any problems at all, never mind issues strong enough to stop them buying DLC.


      *percentages not based on any published data.

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    Um ........ 7 Title Updates and numerous hotfixes obviously mean complaints are being listened to. The trouble is, the wrong people are being listened to.


    As usual with the CoD community, it's the spoilt brats that shout loudest and demand changes. Trouble is, the spoilt brats are usually a minority, yet their cries get heard and the game changes for the benefit of them instead of for the masses.


    2 Examples - Ricochet in Hardcore. A minority complained about griefing in HC-S&D, so now EVERY Hardcore mode is ricochet.


    Lag Comp/Sync Issues - People are crying 'lag' all over the place and demanding fixes, usually followed by "why should I optimise MY connection, it's the games fault". Great, so I am being penalised with my perfect setup because YOU have 3 others using your internet while you game, you think 30/5 means something, and you demand changes. Trouble is those changes affect EVERYONE, usually negatively.

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      Sorry you feel that way about the lag.  I "cried" because the game was almost unplayable as is.  Tried to "optimize" my connection and it made it worse.  Had to completely degrade my connection to have a fighting chance.


      Post TU 7 and I'm back to my optimized connection or my "Maccabi connection" and the game is actually playable now.  It's not perfect as I still get into those WTF lobbies but instead of having 1 good game out of 10 its more like 8.


      Maybe you shouldn't assume everyone is an idiot and they don't know how to monitor and optimize their connection.

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        You degraded your connection - which made the problem worse for everyone else


        I've tweaked and optimised since the game released, and prior to TU7 I could always make the game playable. Since then nothing I do makes a difference, but people destroying their own connection, feeding the devs false information, makes the changes tailored to them.

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          Everyone is entitled to a fair gameplay experience.  People running around with a .5 second jump on others is not fair.  How did my returning my router to default settings make the problem worse for everyone else? By putting me on the same playing field as everyone else? Oh they don't have an advantage anymore...oh the humanity!


          Bottom line...I shouldn't have to spend all this time constantly tweaking my router settings to make a console game work properly.  Also give the devs some effing credit.  It doesn't matter what people call "it" the majority of the "symptoms" are the same.  Lag, lag comp, sync issues, whatever it is I want to believe the devs know what we are talking about.


          Or I suppose its feasible that IW/SHW just sat down and said... "Oh hey look, Twitter and the Forum say its lag comp, we'll tweak that." Give me a break.

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            Oh so you didn't 'completely degrade' your connection, you just set your router back to factory? Make up your mind!


            Not quite sure what you were getting at about the twitter stuff? I was saying that people adding lag/downloading or uploading large files/limiting their bandwidth (completely degrading their connection) is what is giving the devs false information. If that is the information they receive, they will tailor the game/changes to that information received through their back end systems. Then players who have an optimal connection will see their gaming experience degraded due to false stats and back end changes.


            Why should you keep changing your router - you shouldn't. You should always optimise it, that way you will always get the best online experience (not just XBL) but you WILL keep changing it because the devs will keep releasing updates because they will continue to get false information.

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    LoL that you are comparing the civil rights movement to a gaming community. Sorry, but there is no such thing as the COD MLK.


    The civil rights movement was sucessful because almost every member of their community took the movement very seriously. I doubt you'll get the same kind of commitment from a community made mostly of noob kids who actually enjoy the game.


    Complaints do get results. The devs do read these threads. And while they won't fix everything, they will try to silence the crowd.


    And it is true that if the game is bad enough, it will hurt sales, but it's way too late for that now. MW3 has already made them plenty.


    People need to keep complaining if they want to hope for anything, or they need to find a better game. I will be doing both.

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      Starbuck has a brain that thinks logical, just sayin.



      For those of you that are going to "boycott", we both know you won't do a thing and will continue to play and buy this game year after year, who you trying to kid. You're frustrated and I get that, put down the game for a few weeks and let your head clear.

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      DarthBryan wrote:


      LoL that you are comparing the civil rights movement to a gaming community. Sorry, but there is no such thing as the COD MLK.




      Wiggy had a dream, that one day all players could lose the title of "Noob"



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    Yeah Darth and meerkat you are right in a way.


    But agreeing with some things, what the companies decision comes down to is

    they weigh the options based solely on numbers. I mean sure they have a certain amount on the income based on throwing us tidbits and some for damage control. But it still comes down to the bottom line.


    Such as the costs involved when cigarrete companies have to deal with their issues.


    Which will cost us more ?

    Solution A Make the product "safer"


    Solution B Pay them off and call the printer and add these words...

    I think we all know the answer to that one.


    They say


    A) "What do we need to fix this ?"

    B) "How much will it cost to fix ?"

    C) "How much will we lose in the long run if we ignore it ?"


    Sometimes the just skip B and STILL say "This is Bill, hes new here. He has a Band Aid patch to slow the bleeding"


    But they have honestly gotten better at something. Imagine what MW2 would have been like with a full crew.


    BTW my MTU is 1470 and that is the most I ever did before or after the patch. Game runs perfect after the patch and wasnt bad before the patch.

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      My MTU was set just below the point at which packets fragment prior to TU7, since then nothing I do makes a difference

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        Thats why I did it.


        Too bad. I thought you said it was a "good patch"


        but I do got alzheimers

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          What should MTU be at? I read 1500. Is that right?

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            1500 is maximum .


            But I ping from a DOS box and see any packet loss and drop the number down 10 until it comes up 0 packet loss. I usually pick an obscure site to go to to get the "best" results out of the 4 attempts. then I try it another time.


            Only reason I do pingtest cause its a faster way to check my ISP on those bad days.


            Just for kicks try using 1470 just to see the total difference in registering your bullets.


            Of course alot os settings depends on ow your ISP handles traffic. Mine is Road Runner.


            Meerkat please post your 3rd connection type for me if you can so I can use that as a UK reference. Even tho I do forget sometimes. I would honestly like you to have a good connection. Did I ever send you my GT ?


            gotta go breakfast is ready


            PS Iassume you know TU7 was just a "host tweak" right ?

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              Line 1 - Virgin Media -Fibre Optic, 20DL 2UL. 0% packet loss, <3ms jitter over a 4 month period. Ran through a cable modem and Netgear router


              Line 2 - BT - ADSL, 8DL .768UL. 0% packet loss, <4ms jitter over a 4 month period. Ran through a Netgear router


              Line 3 - BT - Fibre Optic, 34.2DL 2UL. Other figures to be confirmed after a settling in period, will have accurate figures end of Dec/early Jan. Router setup TBC


              All lines are totally seperate with individual routers. All are hardwired for xbox, with ports forwarded and static IP assigned for xbox.


              EDIT - it's worth noting that Virgin Media have a 'traffic management policy' implemented for all P2P applications using their service at peak times. Strangely they class XBL as P2P, so I very rarely use this connection for gaming. BT either don't have such policy, or it's implemented in a way that doesn't affect XBL gaming so BT is my choice of ISP for gaming.


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          The game was perfect on release for me, each patch has meant some tweaking, but TU7 has made it unplayable.


          I'm having ANOTHER fibre line installed on friday (my 3rd internet line!!) so will see how that works out

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            All right brothers, this is what we need to do in order to bend activision to our will:


            Refuse to eat until mw3 is fixed

            Refuse to pay taxes until mw3 is fixed

            Refuse to go to work until mw3 is fixed

            Refuse to sleep with ur girl friend until mw 3 is fixed

            Refuse to buy gas for ur car or use public transport until mw3 is fixed.


            Fellas are you with me?  Fellas? ...Hello anybody there.....wheres everybody gone???

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              Today I just played Drop Zone and could tell that Xmas Holidays just started for the kids.


              half the people didnt know what an objective WAS and ALL of them had X's in their names.


              So change the part that says "until mw3 is fixed" to "Kids are back in school".


              Now THAT is a reason to complain.


              BTW if someone is married refusing to sleep with your wife is pretty much not going to change her habits.


              I am going to play BF3 now cause most of the players arent kids and if they are they dont really get in the way


              Meerkat I was also going to mention I know your UK ISPs are iffy on their protocols so lets hope BT works for you.

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    Lets all have a dirty protest till its fixed!!!


    actualy i wont bother im enjoying this game. but you go right ahead!

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    *Waits for someone to start "Occupy COD"*


    My only issue with the game is the spawning and sometimes the striker. That gun just recently has been getting on my nerves, but not that much.

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    I have had no connection issues in this game unlike BLk Op's, but I have walked, playing BF3 now and loving it.

    I perservered with Blk Op's because underneath the rubbish connection issues was a very good game.


    I was bored after a few games of MW3, all the maps are the same, theres no recoil, no skill every encounter is based on who saw who first and connection.


    There are LMG's and sniper rifles when all you need are sub machine guns and shotguns.


    The support streaks are a mistake, catering to players who can't get a killstreak and this results in constant UAV spam.


    I could go on, I still own every COD from 2 - Blk Op's, (on x-box) but MW3 has been traded in, it does not deserve to even have the Call of Duty label on it.

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    I won't be buying the downloadable content.  Do I think it will make a difference?  No, but it will make me feel a whole lot better, knowing I haven't thrown good money after bad.