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Team Deathmatch Pro

just some ideas for a less frustrating and faster paced TDM mode


-No death streaks. Why should anyone be rewarded for being bad at the game
-No support package. Dying has always reset kill streaks and in my opinion it still should
-No assassin. This helps with 2 things it will increase the game pace as nobody can hide from UAVs and it means campers are less of an issue
-No portable radar. Mostly because without assassin camping with these would be far too easy

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    Play hardcore..........then the portable radar is mostly useless anyways.


    Taking away Support Package takes away 1/3 of the fun of the game.


    Death Streaks are dumb - I agree with you there.


    Campers are not an issue. how about we do away with UAVs - that way noobs wont whine about Assassin.