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Problem with Texture Settings



I bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at the day of release and at the first start of the game I adjusted the graphics. Since then I played the game daily and several weeks ago I realised that the textures are blurry.

I checked the graphics settings and I realised that all the texture settings are set to High instead of Extra. I played with the Extra texture settings for weeks without any problems, so I tried to set it back, but I can not adjust these settings. When I set the textures to Extra and I go back to the main menu and after that I return to the texture options they are on High settings again. It does not save the settings.

I tried to search for help in this question, but I did not find solution, but I found out that many players are suffering from this problem in both singleplayer and multiplayer. I updated all my drivers, DirectX, uninstalled the game and reinstalled again and I sent an email to the Support but nothing changed. I realised this issue after one of the patches, so maybe there is the problem. I meet the system requirements so it can not be the problem. Any idea how to fix this?