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I'm sorry iw for expressing myself in such a terrible way. But seriously, the spawns do need to be fixed they are the worst I've seen in a while


These spawns are pretty bad, worse than halo spawning. If they can be fixed wonderful, if not I'll have to deal with it I guess. I would also like to propose two new game modes. One for run and gunners, and one for campers. A few others have had this idea, a 15 second shotclock would be effective in preventing the camping. Also, I respect all gamers no matter what their playstyle. So, why not make a game mode for the campers besides the objective based game modes. Some campers hate objective modes and would rather play tdm or kc. If you make a game mode where they can play these and not get harrassed for playing the game. It would probably end most of the stuff going on with op weapons as well, as they are only op when a player gets killed by them. The op weapons are used by campers, so getting rid of that problem will stop the op weapon patching crap as well.