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  • 50. Re: Quickscoping in MW3

    Snipers don't rush, they wait, I am wondering did you ever quick scope with the W2000 or M21 you know the semi-auto battlerifles?

  • 51. Re: Quickscoping in MW3

    Dude I raise and support My children, I am a Operator in a Wrold Class Chemical Plant. I was once ranked around 10,000in the world in MW2 in wins, between 28-29,000 in the world in score ranking, between 31-32,000 in the world in kills, below 60,000 in the world in accuracy....while the leaderboards were hacked after the resurgence map pack. So you get off your Challenge lobby high horse and stop trolling about your flawed, nonthreatening playstyle. You inspire no one. Except children.


    @bigb, you know they didnt. thats how we called them out in the good days of MW2. they would all shut up too. Because they couldnt. Nor the Barrett. At least 85-90% used the Intervention that was put in its spot to get you ranking up early, easier.

  • 52. Re: Quickscoping in MW3

    I hope there are a lot of quickscopers in MW3, they are easy targets for us players using Assault Rifles/SMGs

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    Actually yea ... With the wa2000.. I would use it in hardcore gamemodes..

    When ever I felt like relaxing and do some scout sniping I would go into a hardcore  game and use the wa2000 silenced.. when used right the wa2k is an amazing sniper...


    It's funny how I get more hate when I'm in a hardcore game type scout sniping. I constantly get called a camper and all this other crap ... But then I quickscope in core game types I get friend requests and praised for quickscoping...lol

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    you do know that the barrett 50.cal is the easiest sniper to quickscope with right...


    btw what are you trying to prove?..

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    I believe it the best Sniper Rifle in the game. I wouldnt waste my time as i have said before even trying to QS. If I do not like something i wont even attempt it. If it was the easiest, then why was the Intervention the primary?

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    Dont knock it ,if you havent tried it.... how do you know you wont like it until you tried it...


    btw the intervention is unlocked at the same time with the barrett...well if you think think about it the barret is a default weapon that you can pick before you even make a class..


    and the barrett is easier to quickscope with because its semi auto and is still a OHK sniper ...

  • 57. Quickscoping in MW3

    OH LOOK,




    It won't allow me to post pictures, so i'm just gonna write it, ciao.

  • 58. Quickscoping in MW3

    CoD will die with MW3 and quick scope all move to BF3 and show the idiots the design this thier errors

  • 59. Re: Quickscoping in MW3

    you've got it all wrong. sniping is not OP, and quickscoping certainly isn't. quickscoping is a tactic, not a playstyle. it's a tool snipers use to give them a chance of surviving at close range in the same way an AR user would drop shot when they suddenly run into an enemy at close range. very few snipers quickscope every shot, or even most of them.


    the only people who quickscope/dragscope more or less every shot and rush with a sniper are looking for a challenge. take my word for it, even the best snipers would do better with an AR or SMG.


    if you don't believe me, make 2 accounts for mw2. do a full road to commander on each one, one using only snipers and quickscoping every shot, and a second one using a UMP or AR. unless you are a freak of nature or get insanely unlucky with matchmaking over the whole RTC, you will finish the prestige faster and have a better KD on the account with the UMP/AR.


    a common complaint i hear is "you can't run around with a barret .50 cal, it ways 50 pounds!!!!11". so i put it to you: is it possible to run around with an entire trophy system on your back? is it possible to pull an RC car out of your arse despite not having one on your person? arguments about realism are completely irrelevant in this game.


    even in mw2 where agressive sniping is at its easiest, sniping is the most UP class in the game. even shotguns are better, and they weren't even a primary weapon in that game. nerfing quickscoping would be like

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