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  • 60. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    Blind Eye

    Dead Silence


    See what I did there?


    On a serious note, I don't mind this setup. The B.A.D. players will suffer losing to players using SOH Pro, Quickdraw Pro and Stalker Pro or my personal favourites:


    Scavenger Pro

    Hardline Pro

    Sitrep Pro


    SOH Pro

    Overkill Pro (Spas-12 secondary)

    Steady Aim Pro

  • 61. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    Ever tried shooting them with a gun?


    Erherm... sarcastic retort aside, what many others are saying sums it up. You have to sacrifice other combat advantages to take those perks, and from what 402 has stated, somebody could easily just shoot you if you try and get too comfortable camping. The game is more focused on Gun on Gun now, and the weapons are powerful, albeit more difficult to control for those who like to spray and pray. But someone who wants to camp can easily be picked off by an expert player with an Assault Rifle or Sniper Rifle. Not too mention you can't have blast shield with assassin, so you can be blown up too. I also don't believe the Strike Package munitions will be as frightening as in the past anyway, so people will end up mostly sticking to a more fast paced gameplay using perks like SoH and Quickdraw over the stealth perks. The stealth perks mainly remain as a niche, that's the way the dev's have planned it this time around

  • 62. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    Killcams, intuition and skill beat campers.



  • 63. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

    For me, the only one I bother to use is skill. That's enough for me to beat out the campers.


    Edit: Intuition and a good understanding of the game helps too. Lol


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  • 64. Re: Blind eye and Assassin perks

    What kind of assanine comment is this? Because someone uses Hardline they are not a skilled player? What? Because they have one less kill to hit their killstreaks they are knocked down a notch as far as skill? This is probably the most ridiculous thing I have read on these forums.

  • 65. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    Or you can learn the maps and be a better player and take them out after they get you the first time. What a thought!

  • 66. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    We, as a community, should continue to make over zealous speculation about a game that isn't out yet and commonly compare it to a bad game (black ops) and assume that our reasoning behind any suggestions "we" make are PROBABLY good and should be considered.


    Or...we could take in this reasoning and let it sink in.


    1. In mw2, everyone had stopping power...or ran a ump with cold blooded. How often did the uav blinker tick? Fairly often correct? Now, did you feel as though you were at a disadvantage when the other team got a uav up? OR did you know the levels and counter this by just presuming where they COULD be coming from and the various flanking methods in mw2?


    2. Killstreaks didn't stack in bad ops. This hurt that game immensely. Players could justify just using the lower killstreaks if they were bad or good because the climb to getting dogs or chopper gunner frequently, for the majority of people, is incredibly hard to do.


    3. No stacking killstreaks....uav is at 3 kills....You're more likely to get 3 kills then any other set of killstreak numbers. This means that uav was up in the sky endlessly and FORCED people to use ghost to counter it because it never left the sky


    4. The other issue was the level designs in the game and ghost pro. You couldn't counter killstreaks seeing you without ghost pro so it was vital to have it. Also, the levels were just horribly designed in the sense that shotguns and snipers were both primaries in the same game and were meant to be equally usable. That's theoretically impossible by comparison.


    But point 4 is meant to point out that hiding gave the player more of an advantage then running out in the open. Bad ops, as a whole, was just a slower paced game and horrible overall.


    People need to stop comparing black ops to mw2 or mw3. Mw3 isn't out yet and think about it...if everyone's running assassin, and there's uav's everywhere...why would they keep using uav's if you can't see everyone? And then, why would you run assassin if there's no uav's in the sky ever? This game appears more balanced then any duty before it


    p.s. i agree assassin does A LOT but player skill should manage to overcome that. Stop crying to infinity ward for the answer when you'll HOPEFULLY and probably find it in game if you're not complete trash at the duty games

  • 67. Blind eye and Assassin perks


  • 68. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    Even if they didn't have those 3 perks on, and you killed them a 1000 times they would still be able to get their support killstreaks.  Assassin or blind eye don't affect that aspect.

  • 69. Blind eye and Assassin perks

    Ironically, you didn't give his response 1 thumbs up lol....

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