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Why not 4 player?

My question is why did they decide to stick with 2 player on spec ops? If they wanted to expand on MW2 spec ops all they needed to do was a create a good co-operative 4 player it would have been awesome. However by sticking with just 2 it's nothing special. Anyone else wish it would be 4 player?

  • 1. Why not 4 player?

    Is the survival mode gonna be just 2 players?

  • 2. Why not 4 player?

    yeah survival mode is just 2 players as well!!

  • 3. Why not 4 player?

    Cause its their version and they want it to be different. Plus im one of the people that really wanted just two players. i usually only play two player zombies anyway cause 1) its harder and harder=more fun. and 2) playing with 2 people makes you get to higher rounds faster. (plus the majority of people have to play with randoms in zombies and randoms suck).

    Also youre gonna be playing with more than yourself and your friend the whole time. you can have a 5-6 person delta squad come down or a 6-8 riot shield squad fight with you and thats gonna be sick too cause youre basically fighting enemies and leading these dudes at the same time cause while you cant actually say things and have them respond, theyll follow you and guard you anywhere you take them around the map.

    so while youre saying 4>2...im saying 10>4

  • 4. Why not 4 player?

    as much as I would love the option for 4 players, it would be very difficult to play. One of the rules for the Spec Ops survival mode is that if one of the players die, its game over. This is different than treyarch's zombies because then they could at least respawn at the start of the next round so long as fellow players survive.

  • 5. Why not 4 player?

    which honestly make no reasonable sense...

  • 6. Why not 4 player?

    I gotta agree that 2 is better. 2 player co-op games may not have the serious squad excitement of 4 players, but yeah with just 2 it's more controlled, challenging and you can be very tactical with strategies. 3 other people might be some random guys online and they might be very unhelpful and un-coordinated (think Black Ops zombies). But if there's anything I've learned from games like Splinter Cell Conviction online, and even the original Spec Ops; having 2 people forces and encourages you to work together, to cover each other, to revive each other. 4 people just gets clustered, and 2 people is easier to manage. Least that's what I think

  • 7. Why not 4 player?

    Personally I think 2 players is dull and mundane, with 4 people you could deploy some serious tactics at the upper levels and it would add a great challenge. Whilst i see why they have done 2 players i wish it would allow for 4 player as well because I think their could be even greater fun to be had for those who actually have friends.

  • 8. Why not 4 player?

    it is only 2 player? I saw a video from cod xp and there were 4 players in one game.  Or do you mean just 2 players on one screen?

  • 9. Why not 4 player?

    Could have been 2 Delta squad members.

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