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  • 10. Why not 4 player?


    I used to wonder this too, when I played at CODXP, the army you go against. Does not act like mindless zombies. They hide and use some tactics. If there was 4 people it would be way too easy to beat the AI. I'm sure they tried 4 man games, but it didn't work or the AI couldn't handle it. Don't get me wrong, spec ops is fun, and I'll be playing it with my friends.



  • 11. Why not 4 player?

    burritosupremed7 wrote:


    which honestly makes no reasonable sense...

    well, not for the released game but I can see it making sense for it being demo'd at game conventions as they want as many people to get a chance to play it as possible (but I guess that's also what the time limit is for).

    The true reason is to emphasize the importance of teamwork.

  • 12. Why not 4 player?

    I really think there should be customized settings for Survival mode: anything altered will not be recorded on the online high scores, but it will make it infinitely more fun to just mess around.

    Cool custom features would be to allow up to 4 players and a money handicap or earnings handicap so when you play with 4 players it won't take as long to earn enough money to purchase different things. (because with more players in the game, kills will now be divided between 4 people instead of 2 and therefore less money earned within rounds).

  • 13. Why not 4 player?

    I agree! They should of allowed "MW3 Spec Ops" to 4-person gaming or even 6. A 2-man army is cool, but having a team of 4 or 6 trying to survive would be way better.

  • 14. Why not 4 player?

    I personally think that Spec-Ops in Mw3 will be great but the only flaw i seem to find is the lack of being able to play with a party larger than 2. There should be an option to play with more than 2 people because it will make the fun factor 2 times greater. But when players just want to play with a team of two, they should be able to as a seperate option.

  • 15. Why not 4 player?

    It's dumb. They should've allowed up to 4 players. Both my brothers and my dad are picking up MW3. We had to split up in order to do Spec Ops in MW2. Looks like we're going to have to do the same thing for this.

  • 16. Why not 4 player?

    Everyone needs to get over it. Once you get in the game youll see how great it is. 4 playrs would only be more fun on huge maps. Plus if there were 4 players and each stood in each corner of the map...where would the AI spawn? right infront/behind you? Bad idea. Believe me youre gonna love it.

  • 17. Why not 4 player?

    i  think they really dropped the ball on not making spec ops a 4 man crew. 4 is the magic number in these type of game modes. why doesnt IW understand this?

  • 18. Why not 4 player?

    Cause IW understands gaming, which you obviously dont. Answer me one question..have you played survival yet? Its the same wave based idea as these others but its sooo unique as to how the game plays and what you need to do and the difficulty progression that you cant just throw in a few extra enemies each wave to make it harder for 4 player. Believe me, they HAD  to have started off testing it with 4 players but the survival gameplay fits 2 human players and multiple AI assistants to make it fun. Play it and see.

  • 19. Why not 4 player?

    i guess i dont. i guess the countless numbers of other players who feel the same as myself dont get it either. 2 player "survival mode" is boring. /thread

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