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    I take everything seriously, its one of my better qualities

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    horrid forums, horrid community, so what do we do?


    lets unite with our common hatred for activision shall we? that's something we all share

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    I definitely do not hate Activision.


    Activision, as a publisher, have given you so many awesome entertainment experiences. You've got no reason to hate them, other than the "MSFT - ATVI" DLC deal because you're a PS3 player. That is the only reason I can think of. It's not as if other publishers aren't doing that either.


    EA, Rockstar, THQ, Ubisoft, and many others do it, but because ATVI do it, we must hate them? Hm. I disagree, but you're definitely entitled to your own opinion.


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    ruined COD and customer support yup I hate them won't buy their games usually because their shocking lol.


    But as you said it's my opinion and supporting activision is support poor customer service. But I guess when you make millions and you only care for money then who needs cutomer support? shameful really and we shouldn't stand for it but we do and thats our own downfall

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    I very much disagree with the "ruined" customer support bit. Perhaps you could sly by with "ruined community relations" but event hat is hard to get at for the entire Call of Duty community.


    I know many active and vocal customer support represenatives that are either in the social media team or are in the phone banks grinding away the hours. What's an example of your claim? I'm interested to know what that particular issue was that led to the belief.

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    Quite an agressive post foxhound. I wonder, is it designed to create 'conflict' between you and b? Are you hoping for a response that will give you reason to flex your 'Mod muscles'?

    An outright act of defiance, lmao really? Get over yourself, its a game forum not a war council. If you need to feel the power! feel free to make yourself feel important on me, this is a passing visit. I have no wish to play any further part on a forum that is moderated by someone so self important.


    Later peeps

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    Ah for the days when gamers were just grateful to be able to play the game at all...

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    Hardly. It's a serious thread simply because tension was created on both sides in multiple forums. I rather have the tension turn between users and I than eachother, but the underlying reason was evident for those that participated. Classy post there though and enjoy your pass. Hopefully you find something of interest beyond this particular thread that I agree shouldn't have to be as direct or aggressive. I seldom act bluntly until needed, find that out in time.

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    Lets take other games customer and compare them with COD shall we? 2 years on and games are still being updated. Forums are supposed to be our lines of communication with those who work on the game however we never ever see them? all other forums i go on, employee members are very evident.


    My big example of customer support is MAG, 2 years down the line the game was still getting updates, still getting patches. COD goes 4 months and bam next title in production. Hacking issue got out of hand in MW2, took far too long to fix that. When you play other games you start to realise how poor it is, for a company that makes so much they put so little into customer and game support. It hacks be off that business like this still rakes in millions.


    COD elite is a real cheap shot to be honest, it doesn't make up for the past and it won't create a good future. Stat tracking? took them long enough. Tournements? bad I wonder how long that will last. Why should I have faith in a publisher who faield to support the last 3 COD games?

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    and the days where we weren't paying massive amounts for it? those truly were the days. Competitive market should create a better service but COD is an exception because it's service has never gotten better. The failure of Black ops was the last straw for me, just not acceptable to make so much money from the same thing. Ripping people off really.


    I don't agree with it and well that's my opinion, clearly many people have different opinions and thats fine but that is mine

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