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    RE: "failed to support the last two COD games"


    Infinity Ward have released security updates for Modern Warfare 2 on both Xbox 360 & PlayStation 3. This was during MW3's (ongoing) development. They didn't just ignore it, they listened and released a TU.


    Treyarch have supported Black Ops constantly with title updates, DLC, and Double XP weekends. This has been the best supported Call of Duty title by far. It seems like they even attempted to fix World at War (via a playlist update, somehow), and that worked for a bit. At least they tried.


    I don't know where you're getting your "failed to support the COD games" opinion from. Yes, support can improve, and I'm confident that it will with Modern Warfare 3, but you're making out as if there isn't any. That is false.


    Please read the Black Ops TU sticky at CallOfDuty.com/Board before drawing up these lucicrous claims.


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    Disagree on the community interaction for some parts of the Call of Duty franchise. Treyarch's track record for community discussion is fairly higher than Infinity Ward's. Though I do remember seeing a few of the old IW dev's posting on the IWF


    Modern Warfare 2 in particular holds a fairly unstable ground. The hacking isn't entirely the fault of the developer. Sure, it's their game...but a grand amount of the onus falls on the manufacturers.


    While it's never been officially stated, most gamers can logically assume that a "lack" of customer support for MW2 was a direct result of the fissure created internally during, and leading up to, the departure of Zampella/West. I've never heard an exact answer, but that was my assumption.


    Elite by my definition isn't a "cheap" shot. I'll agree that my initial reaction was "finally" too when it came to stat tracking and the likes. The bit about tournaments isn't that well defined. I think the tournaments are great and they'll keep going I would assume.


    There were a few issues that stand out as short coming when you look at the grand scheme of things, but I'd hardly say that they failed to support their games. That's my opinion though. I personally believe that 99% of the content that people want, and are denied for good reason, people assume must be granted in order to maintain a "positive" customer support rating. Things like "OMA, Last Stand, Noob Tubes and more."

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    Their opinions not claims so it doesn't fall under that category, Ok it depends what you class as supporting their games as. I mean I want to go play COD4? 50% of games will be hacked, nothing is happening there got left to die. MW2 PS3 is still hacked and leaderboards not sorted. 

    Activision have put their devloper sin a choke hold, removing creativity. 3 games all the same, I get their in a series but come on they are so similar there's no creativity in them. the COD community is so hostile no one who works for Activisiuon of IW will dare come on the forums so there's one giant breeakdown in communication and the only tweets that get responded too are those kissing their ass.


    I guess i've just come to expect better after not playing COD for a long time. Clearly neither opinions are going to change here so a pointless arguement now. i shall go stick with other games because frankly what activision do to me just seems like the biggest exploitation of the public that I have ever seen. I'd rather see COD die than create another copy because they ruin the game industry. I swear if MW3 gets game of the year i'll just laugh because it's not, BO didn't deserve any awards and neither did MW2. None of them deserved their awards they just have high sales so in business terms that makes them good

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    I'll agree that the COD community is hostile by nature, but I wouldn't put that on just our community. Gamers in general have become extremely self-oriented and, for a lack of a better word, fairly ignorant. Now, that isn't a dive at anyone, it's a carefully refined observation. What, in your opinion, would be better for gamers as a whole to move past that state of being?

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    quagers13 wrote:


    and the days where we weren't paying massive amounts for it? those truly were the days. Competitive market should create a better service but COD is an exception because it's service has never gotten better. The failure of Black ops was the last straw for me, just not acceptable to make so much money from the same thing. Ripping people off really.


    I don't agree with it and well that's my opinion, clearly many people have different opinions and thats fine but that is mine

    How on earth was Black Ops a failure?


    Do have a PS3 by any chance?

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    Since this forum is from a game which involves bloodshed, let me slide this in:


    From this day to the ending of the world,

    But we in it shall be remembered-

    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me

    Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile.


    - William Shakespeare.

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    In response I shall say an old Arab probverb, the enemy of my enemy is my friend

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    I agree with Foxhound for the most part... Just like to add COD2, and COD4 for the 360 were one of the worst supported games ever (not saying they were bad...).... Customer support has improved a lot. I also agree with Foxhound on the reason for delayed support for MW2, and think this reason also extends to legacy titles. 

    Now thats out of the way... I think the above conversation has nothing to do with the communities. I also think that COD should get a centralized hub... not all of these game specific forums.



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    vsimco can you answer my question please and thank you will the wii actually be supported this time? not like black ops were we barely got any infomoration on any question we asked. and will the support last for more then 5 months this time? thanks for your time

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    I can't answer your question. I'm not affiliated with Activison in any way.. I volunteer for this position. My personal opinion is... No idea... I don't follow any news about the Wii version of MW3


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