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The PS3 Forum Clan - Formerly the Infinityward Forum Clan

A Long time ago, in a forum far far away 4 PS3 members (of one was me) founded the IWF clan, we followed 10 simple rules


1. Be a noob as much as possible

2. Never take any cod game too seriously

3. Bring Mashmellows to the camp fire

4. No Scopers are not welcome

5. 6 tube salute at the start of a game is a must

6. Never bring a knife to a gun fight

7. When in doubt, throw a grenade

8. Domination, HQ and TDM are the only modes we play

9. If we are losing, don't panic

10. If you read this far, your in


Now since the merge, we are now looking for a new name for the clan, I was thinking the Arists formerly know as the IWF AIWF or maybe The Forgotten Forum Clan


Ok, if you want in just post your psn, I might be making a new psn for MW3 as my current account is full.


I will be playing MW2 on the lead up to MW3's release


IWF Clan Members


Leader - thebigb82




Additional rule, must be a PS3 player