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The game will see the return of Task Force 141 Captain John "Soap" MacTavish (voiced by Kevin McKidd), former SAS Captain John Price(voiced by Billy Murray) and Russian informant Nikolai who are on the run after killing the rogue U.S. Army Lieutenant General Shepherd. Russian Ultranationalist Vladimir Makarov (voiced by Roman Varshavsky)[22] will also reprise as the game's primary antagonist.[23] Several new playable characters have been added, including Derek "Frost" Westbrook (voiced by Corey Stoll)[22] and Sandman (voiced byChristopher Meloni)[22], a pair of Delta Force operatives in New York City; Marcus Burns (voiced by Christian Coulson),[22] a Sergeant in theSpecial Air Service fighting in London; and Yuri, a Russian federal security agent.[23] Wallcroft (voiced by Craig Fairbrass)[24] from Call of Duty 4 will also return in the game.

New non-playable characters that have been confirmed so far include Truck and Grunt (voiced by Troy Baker)[22], who form part of the Delta Force fire team alongside Frost and Sandman.[25] A Delta Force operative named Grinch was also announced (and will be voiced by Tobey Maguire).[22]