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This is repley of it self to this thread:

Re: Wanna know why Quickscoping needs to be in CoD?


So I'm here to proof you why it is not necssary to have quick scope in Call of Duty to survive and go positive against other guns by using secondary as back up.

So I'm going to play Search and Destroy Match in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The smallest map in the game where QS is most hardest if CoD 1 is not counted. Also note that I play in PC and there is no aim assist.



This was the first game I got into so its not the best out of 100 or anything like that. In my second match I went 7-3.

But this is the first one:

Stats: 5-2 and Perks were Ghost Pro, Scout Pro and Ninja Pro.


I have edited to save time waiting for respawn out of the video.





So basically there is no need for faster ads for snipers and if you can't use pistol use Over kill perk which gives you another primary weapon.

Quick Scoping is NOT NEEDED in an way.

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