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is there away to register clans
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    But if you want to make your clan more known, register in leagues and play a lot.
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    And how does one sign for Leagues?

    I mean where...
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    It depends. I don't know in America, but here in Europe, there is ESL and CB that are the most played.
    Clanbase: clanbase.ggl.com
    ESL: esl.eu
    Make accounts, you and your teammates and create a team named like your clan.
    After you create the team, tell your teammates to join it (ESL) or invite them using every member's ID (CB).
    When the team is made, you can join different cups: CoD4 SD, CoD4 TDM, CoD4 DOM.
    You can find wars on CB and ESL by searching on MIRC in every league's channel.
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    im noit sure where u are but some of the major USA leagues are TWL and Cal

    for Aus leagues Cyber gamer is one of the best
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    can you join a clan on the website