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MW2 Most Successful Game Ever?

Call of Duty 4 was the best selling world wide game of 2007, and since its release has sold 13 million copies worldwide. It has garnered an aggregate rating of 9.4/10, and has won over 20 awards in categories for Graphics, Creative Design, Multiplayer, Shooter, and Game of the Year. 2 Years after its release, it is still viewed as the top multiplayer on Xbox 360 & PS3.

COD4 spurred a gaming movement never before seen. Recreational players, and hardcore shooter fans were joined together in playing one of the greatest shooters of all time. Its social impact was seen on the internet, on television with numerous celebrities always commenting on how they play MW.

Today COD4 is still one of the top games played on 360 & PS3, frequently staying in the top 3 most played games on Xbox LIVE on 360.

I predict that riding the coattails of COD4, and with the massive hype that has been surrounding this game, MW2 will become the best selling game of all time. Every Gamer will buy this game even if they dont like shooters.

Congratulations IW, you have just created the most successful game of all time.

What is your view? Explain your predicitons of how MW2 will perform.
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