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Campaign mode

Hi guys,

I'm one of those who plays MP mostly. But I wanted to give the Campaign mode a try.
Well I can tell you that, I was really amazed.

But then.. I'm now at 50 percent finnish and when I finnish the mission at 50 percent, the credits pops up :S
How can I continue, playing campaign. Am I finnish or what. If yes, then why am I at only 50 percent finnish.

Please tell me guys
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    Lazagna Don
    I think you need to attempt it on veteran difficulties to complete more of the percentage point. You may have to find all of the lap top intel items, too. Good gaming!
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    You have to complete it on all difficulties and find all the intel. Not sure if the acheivements count either because i got 100% at the same time i got 1000g from the game so i didnt have time to check.