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Map Rotation.

Hi Guys..

Is it possible that you in a future patch can make it possible for people choosing which map to play?

Everytime me and my clan are playing, it´s always the same friggin maps 3-4 .. And that can get pretty annoying.

We noticed a map called Rust, and we´ve been playing your game ever since it was released, Team DeathMatch, S&D, Demolition, Capture The Flag, FFA.. and we have not yet got to play this map...

Can you please answer me how we can try this map out, without creating a Private match??
-And please, for the love of god!!! make it possible for the gamers to choose which map to play!!

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    rust is a small map meant for small games. if you are going into demolitions, domination, tdm or any other 12+ person game you wont see it. its not in the playlist rotation for them, thats why you wont see them.
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    You can skip RUST, it's just like the map Shipment in CoD4 in size. If you haven't played Shipment I can say it's a really small square map. The only gametype fun enough to play on Rust is FFA. Kind of hard to play any other gametype in that map.
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    What about Favela? I have been playing for a week and have not seen this game oncem