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The Console.

Seen quiet a few people using this now, and i am myself trying to get it to work, but with no luck.
But i had a few questions;
1. Is there a posibility that i can get VAC banned by using the console? (Don't say yes or no if you are not sure).

2. How do i get it to work? I have tried one that injects a .DLL file while MW2 is running, but that just freezes me in place, unable to click on anything, or move if i am in a game.

3. Could you post a link of good commands? Possibly some that allows me to kick cheaters and whiners from games that i am host in?
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    You cannot get console to open legitmately as IW disabled it, so you will get VAC banned if you use any of the programs (like VAC Chaos) that enable it.

    Also, please do not ask for links to hack programs. It is against the rules and you will get banned from this site.
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    Thank you for the answer, and now that i do know it is against the rules, i won't ask again =)
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    because you tried to inject to a .dll, you will most likely be banned in a couple months or weeks, VAC works on a delayed ban system so, yea, pretty sure ur screwed lol.