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Map Selection Artifically Weighted????

After the first map pack and second map pack were released into Team Death Match it seemed abundantly apparent that the new maps from the pack had been given extra weight so they would show up way more often than purely random. This seemed to last about a week, and the the *random Team Death Match map selection seemed to be truly random across all maps. This was a great way to get players some extra exposure to the new maps so they could get up to speed on them.

Well for about the last 2 weeks Ive noticed what appears to be artificial weights on the new maps, certain ones in particular.  Its not just an (it seems) I actually tracked map selection of a marathon 22 hour gaming session.

Last week Strike was showing up once in about every 4 to 5 maps, this last week it was Vacant. Even then  the original maps were only being selected about 2-4 out of every 10 matches, with all the maps from the 2 new packs being selected 6-8 times. I took a couple stat classes in college, enough to know these percentages are so far outside the possibility of random.

Whats up, I havnt seen any announcement to coincide with this aside from the new game mode that got released (no kill streaks), and when the heck will it return to normal?
I like the new maps, but I like the old ones two, and would like to play ALL of them, not just Carnival, Trailer Park. Strike, Vacant (Funny Salvage hasnt been heavily rotated like these others)

I know Im not gunna magically get someone to flip the switch back, but it would be helpful to be more informed about when and why, and when it will go back to normal.

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    Air snitch 2
    I sucks I love Salvage and also Skidrow, but they almost never show up anymore.

    I liked Vacant and Strike, when they just got out, but I have been playing them so much, I almost hate them now.

    Bailout is the worst, I play it all the time, but I hate it so much!

    I would also like to know when it will stop.
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    Ive been playing almost exclusively Vacant, Strike, and Carnival lately. Good maps, but seriously? I haven't played a round on Rundown or Quarry in almost a week, and I play 2-3 hours a day. It'd be nice if the older maps were a bit heavier in the rotation.
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    Well its good to know Im not the only one noticing this.
    I hope we can get an IW Community rep in here to let us know when it might return to normal.
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    I agree that they should balance all the maps so that they all show up the same amount. Except for Fuel which shouldn't even be playable until they fix the rock glitch.

    But I take exception with the use of the word 'artificial' in the op and thread title. The maps are weighted, purposefully out of balance. Artificially though? Not the greatest choice of adverb.

    And I wouldn't hold your breath, waiting for IW to show up. The company hates you/us.
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    I understand the term artificial is used liberally here, and should only be taken in the context that "normal" as observed from the majority of actual behavior that each map had equal weighting and was therefore truly random(although I suspect rust was actually down graded even under what would be considered normal weightings).
    So I mean to use artificial only couched in terms that normal behavior was generally random with even weights for all maps and for these maps to show up more an artifical increase in their weight above a normal random weighting was applied. I didnt mean it to be a recognition of happen-stance.

    That sucks IW isnt very community involved, I would have thought that after a billion dollars it would have been something they could afford. Well, is it really IW or Activision holding those strings now?

    Still it would be nice to know if when anyone has an idea when this will change to more random again, anyone outside IW have any thoughts?
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    I actually deleted them off of my hard drive.  I got so tired of constantly playing maps like vacant all the freakin time.  I missed the old maps.  If someone wants to play them I will just re-install them.  It really is nice not playing them anymore.  I now wish that I hadn't even bought them, because I don't miss them.