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Please stop asking about COD4 patches and rank fixes

For those of you who keep coming on here and asking for IW to patch COD4 and fix your rank due to a hacker please pay attention to 3 things:

1. This is a MW2 forum. Please direct ANYTHING related to other games to the Off-Topic Discussion part of the site.

2. Anyone asking for patches or rank fixes are NOT going to get an answer from any programmer or developer from IW on here because members of IW do NOT come here. the mods are not employees of IW, they just monitor the forums.

3. The IW team is busy right now with making sure MW3 is ready for launch, so dont be expecting a speedy response from them. and you are most likely NOT the only one with this problem so it might take longer for you to get your desired result.

So PLEASE stop posting COD4 related material in the MW2 forum and post anything related to it in the Off-Topic discussion.