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Sniper lines of sight


I'm a hardscoper, so lines of sight are important to me.  I thought I'd start a constructive thread where snipers can add their good/sneaky lines (and headglitch locations).  If you need reference for cardinal directions, check the CoD wiki for minimaps:



- archway in SE, looking towards spawn in SW.

- behind cover in NW, looking towards obvious camping in 2nd level of building in NE.

- the windows in the covered hallway in mid-map, along with the broken wall in mid-map, you can headglitch behind the desk.



- from NE, you have two long sight lines both to NW and SE.

- from N, you can crouch and have sight line to top of stairs mid-map where people like to camp



- from NE, you have two long sight lines both NW and SE.

- buildings in SE let you countersnipe NE and also towards the ridges in the SW.  If you're really pinned in, the pathway in the SE there's a washing machine or some such cover you can countersnipe from.



- ?



- ?



- from SW towards NW is a moderately long sight line.  the map's so open, you'd think there'd be a lot, but the map is so clutterd, it's tough.



- NE to SE, camp behind or on top of the pallet of cement bags.  You can cover towards NW by headglitching a box in the same area.



- In the N, there's a transformer or something with a pipe elbow going into it, you can jump on the pipe and have lines E and SE.

- At center of map, there are indentations in the wall that give you a corner to camp with lines all over the map.

- At N, there is a humvee on fire that gives you cover for a line to the W, toward the front of the bus

- In the E, you have a good line N through the tunnel and decent lines S.



- The garbage pile NE provides good lines W and S.

- You can snipe people out of the 2nd story of the brown building in the W from the small tunnel under the building in the E part of the map.

- The low wall and jersey barriers in the S provide good cover/headglitching for sniping towards the brown building as well.



- The building in the N has long lines toward NE.

- 2nd story building in W has good vantage SW.

- You can prone on the dumpster in SW and pick off people trying to come through the construction in the S.

- Obviously, building in SW was made for sniping and has wide view of courtyard & chopper.

- Building midmap S is equally good.

- Building midmap N is decent, but too many poins of entrance to camp very long



- In glass display case midmap, you can snipe towards N

- From wall over parking lot in W, looking towards bar in N or mall entrance in S



- Snowy path in S, you can headglitch a box there

- Bunker and building midmap, obviously

- There's a wall and mound of snow in midmap that provide good spots for countersniping the bunker, much less obvious than the building.



- The corridors from the restaurant SE to the round tower SW and the houses NE.

- The building midmap E over the marketplace midmap



- Go prone under the overhang in the S of the map and cover the whole south of the map

- In the W, blow up the white van and look through the window up towards the S

- At NW, there's a concrete box that's conveniently broken to afford views covering the entire N of the map while crouching



- Obviously, along the street in the W and the stairway in the E

- Less obvious, if you're in the clothes shop in W, you can stand in the window and have a line up the street to the top of the stairway in the east

- If you're on the raised cafe area at the opposite end of the clothes shop, you can prone and cover a lot of the courtyard in the S to pick off flankers



- Two long corridors in the W running NW to SW.

- If you blow up the military truck midmap over the bridge, you can extend the sightline to the exit of the cave in the S.

- There's a wall you can headglitch in the western path, and watch for unsuspecting people coming from the village in the north

- The hill midmap lets you watch the same northern village area while also covering the military vehicle path midmap.